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20 Mar 2012
On the past week centre midfielder Jesús Vázquez was operated from a broken fibula, now he faces a long rehabilitation period of six months, though he’s optimistic and even sees himself playing with Depor at Primera División

Last Tuesday, Deportivo was hammered by the injury of centre midfielder Jesús Vázquez; the Andalusian man broke his left fibula during a collision with Fabril’s goalie Marc Martinez. It happened during the first training session of the week. He was operated in the same day and left the hospital on Thursday.

The club’s doctor that operated him, Rafael Arriaza, explained that the player could be out of action for about five or six months; for now he’s facing the first part of the rehabilitation period, which is to rest as his leg must be immobilized for three or four weeks.

Then, in two months, the doctors will remove the thorns and the plate bent to the shape of the bone across the fracture. Since this point the player will slowly start to make exercises. He will return to a training pitch until July, and maybe he could start the pre-season with the team, though is expected that he will start training until August.

It recalled the past cases with Manuel Pablo, Donato, Juan Carlos Valerón, Jorge Andrade and Filipe Luis. The toughest part is that it takes time to recover, which means that any hurry could cause a relapse, so the player needs patience. This is the first serious injury for Jesús Vázquez, but he has assumed the situation with calmness.

Jesús Vázquez leaving the hospital on Thursday

He talked to reporters before leaving the hospital and was pretty lucid about what he’s facing; he starting explaining what happened, “It was a cross into the area, one player didn’t see the other, and when we realized we tried to stop, but it was no longer possible, then he fell over me. I knew something was wrong, because never before felt that pain. I tried to move myself, and didn’t know what was wrong, but knew something wasn’t right.”

Then he was showing his support towards Marc Martinez, who is also suffering after the unfortunate play, “I am more worried of him than of me, because I assume the problem and that’s it. These things happen, but he’s dragging with the worst part. It was the first person that I embraced; I told him that nothing was happening, that he should be quiet. I will be in touch with him, so he can be calmed; these things happen and nothing more.”

Finally, Vázquez is pretty optimistic about his near future and the one of Deportivo, “I feel fine; I´m calmed. The idea is to be ready for next season; let’s hope it will be at Primera and that we all will be enjoying; also that they will allow me to jump into the pitch in order to celebrate the promotion; it’s the only thing I ask. People have cheered me up; everything goes away, everything heals up, and soon I will be running again.”



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