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28 Mar 2012
Many people already know it, but Guardado confirmed it on Tuesday. The Mexican talked for the first time to Galician journalists and admitted that he’s practically out of Depor ahead of next season, though he didn’t admit his arrival to Valencia CF.

Andrés Guardado is leaving Deportivo; perhaps many people was aware of his imminent exit after all the rumours linking the winger with several clubs, especially with Valencia CF. The fact is that the Mexican player always wanted to avoid the speculation and decided to maintain silence since the past summer. For nine months he didn’t give any interview or press conference, and only talked from time to time with Mexican reporters.

And Guardado decided to break the silence on this week; it was during a special interview at Radio Cadena Cope with journalists Marco Antonio Sande, Santi Peón, Pepe Torrente and Germán Dobarro. It was a sincere conversation in which he admitted that his exit is almost a fact, "As the president has said, there have been renewal talks with the club, but it's difficult to see me staying. My aspirations are beyond Depor at this point in my career. I am leaving... when I leave on June 30 I hope to see the goal achieved [the promotion].”

He also admitted that there was a chance to leave during the summer transfer window, "Despite the offers it isn't true that I wanted to leave during the summer. The offers didn't call my attention and decided to stay. I don't have complains on Lendoiro and the club, but at the end I decided to stay and not leave during the summer. I hope the fans realize I wasn't a rat leaving the ship. I didn't see my participation at Segunda as a step backwards, it was just an option and I hope the fans will have good memories of me.”

At the same time the ex-Atlas man didn’t want to confirm that he will play at Valencia CF on next season, “I don't want to talk of Valencia, before I want to achieve the promotion. My head is at Depor right now. I don't talk of Valencia, because if the presidents aren't saying anything, why would I say it? People talk of Valencia, but a lot of rumors were heard in these years; if it isn't official it is for something."

For Guardado it is very important to see the fans realizing that, despite the rumours, he is committed to the cause of the promotion, “I can leave, but I want to see people thinking that I gave everything for Depor. I don't expect to leave by the front door; it is something that will be decided by the media and the fans. Nobody can deny my commitment with the club; I hope that it’s a clear thing for the fans."

Another interesting subject was his absence from the derby played during the first round; he was questioned why he chose to play for Mexico instead of playing before Celta and the response was, “I didn't play the derby because things weren't done correctly; perhaps the club should have tried before to see me out of the list of Mexico, but when as soon as you are on the list, then you can’t do anything; it was like choosing between mom and dad. Vela [the striker of Real Sociedad] stayed for other reasons, but it wasn't only my choice. People would have criticized me too in Mexico if I would have stayed.”

There was time too to talk of Depor’s nemesis, RC Celta, the winger was sincere and said that he prefer them to stay at Segunda División, "Well I will love to see Celta promoted, this for the spectacle and for what it represents for Galicia, but as any other Depor's fan I prefer Celta to stay at Segunda. But we´ll talk of the derby at the right moment, for now we are only thinking in winning in Girona."

Finally, Guardado talked of the current situation at the team and even made a special promise in case of achieving the promotion, “I didn’t know the league and we had a tough start. But now we are having a positive streak and the true is that the coach explained to us that Segunda was complicated. When people rate you as the favourite, then for me this is good, because I like this pressure and not the other one. We can see that the fans are responding, but a lot still ahead in the race for promotion. If we achieve the promotion I promise to dye my hair of iBlanquiazul."

According to news agency EFE, Deportivo could open a disciplinary case against Guardado; not for what he said in the interview, but for the way in which he broke his silence. The Mexican self- imposed silence after the declarations of his agent saying that he didn’t want to play at Segunda División (July 2011); the club understands that the player should have broken his silence in a press conference for all the newspapers, radios and TVs, and not in an interview for a specific radio.

Besides, the protocol at the club suggests that no press conferences or interviews should be held on the free days of the players, and Tuesday was a free day for Depor’s team. Still, the club hasn’t decided yet if any sanction will be imposed over the winger.



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