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04 May 2012
Second straight time that the Player of the Month Award goes for two players, and second time that Valerón is part of the equation, this time joined by a Bruno Gama that has lived his best month as a Deportivo’s player.

Like it happened in March, April was an interesting month with Deportivo clinching three victories and only suffering one loss, and once again the Peña members of RCDLC.com chosen two men as the best players in the period: Juan Carlos Valerón and Bruno Gama.

April has been the best month of Bruno Gama after arriving to Depor; the Portuguese winger scored two goals and gave three assists, reasons why he was picked as the best player of the matches against Real Murcia and Elche CF.  After surpassing a series of injuries within the first two months in the competition, Bruno is now a vital piece in the scheme of Oltra totalizing six goals and four assists in the whole liga tournament.

And his companion is non-other than Valerón, the symbol of the Deportivo that’s trying to return to Primera División. El Flaco didn’t earn any Men of The Match Award (MOM), but ended second twice, first for the home clash against Real Murcia, match in which he scored a goal, and later in the derby against RC Celta.

The third place in the month was for Diego Colotto, who lived different situations in April, from been the best man in the Galician derby to end sent off at the last minute of the meeting with UD Almeria. Another two winners in the month were Andrés Guardado and Daniel Aranzubia.

The Mexican winger didn’t score any goal, but was important in the meetings with Murcia, Celta and Elche, reason why the Peña members put him among the best men in those matches. Then, and despite his errors against Elche, Aranzubia shared part of the glory as he was named the best player in the defeat against UD Almeria.

The ratings on the month:

Vs Murcia (08/04/12)
1st. Bruno Gama - 7 points
2nd. Valerón -  5 points
3rd. Guardado -  3 point
4th. Riki  -  1 point
PV:  +1 Lassad
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Celta (15/04/12)
1st. Colotto - 9 points
2nd. Valerón - 7 points
3rd. Ze Castro - 5 points
4th. Juan Dominguez - 3 points
4th. Aranzubia - 3 points
5th. Bruno Gama -  1 point
5th. Guardado -  1 point
PV: +1 Álex
Collective Note: 3 (Excellent) 

Vs Elche (22/04/12)
1st. Bruno Gama - 7 points
2nd. Guardado - 5 points
3rd. Valerón - 3 point
4th. Colotto  -  1 point
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Almeria (28/04/12) 
1st. Aranzubia - 5 points
2nd. Morel - 3 points
3rd. Rochela - 1 point
Collective Note: 1 (Poor) 

Overall table: Guardado is the virtual winner of this season’s competition, and it’s that the Mexican winger is practically doubling the points of Valerón, Aranzubia has recovered the third place after his performance in April, while Juan Dominguez, Salomão and Colotto are following his footprints.

1st. Guardado - 111pts
2nd. Valerón - 66pts
3rd. Aranzubia - 54pts
4th Juan Dominguez - 51pts
5th. Salomão - 50pts
6th. Colotto - 46pts
7th. Bruno Gama - 33 pts
8th. Álex - 27 pts
8th. Ze Castro - 27 pts
10th. Laure - 25pts
10th. Riki - 25pts
12th. Lassad - 18 pts
13th. Morel - 15pt
14th. Juan Carlos - 13 pts
15th. Pablo Álvarez - 10 pts
16th. Saul - 8 pt
17th. Rochela - 5 pts
18th. Seoane - 4 pt
19th. Vazquez - 3 pts
19th. Borja Fernandez - 3 pts
21th Aythami 2 pts
22nd. Xisco - 1 pt
23th. Ayoze - 4 pts




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