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04 May 2012
A big step backwards for Deportivo B, team that, once again, wasted its scoring opportunities, while it allowed two goals in set-pieces; the team falls from the promotion zone with just two matchdays remaining in the calendar.

One more time Tito Ramallo was having important casualties for a liga meeting; goalkeeper Marc Martinez was crucial in the game against Pontevedra stopping a penalty, but now he was suspended with five yellow cards. The same was happening with central defender Uxio and centre midfielder Richi. The players out for injury reasons were central defender Diego Vieytes (knee), right-back Adriá Gallego (knee), centre midfielders David Garcia (shoulder) and striker Luis Fernandez (knee).

The lineup was a 4-2-3-1 figure; Edu Sousa was the starting goalkeeper; it was his first appearance in two years, Adrian Martinez was the improvised right-back defender, Ángel Martinez performed at the left, while the centre backs were Pablo Ínsua and Oriol Ricarte. Juan Carlos delayed his position performing alongside Pedro Crespo at midfield, Vela was the right winger, Victor Diaz attacked from the left flank, Álvaro Lemos was the playmaker in the scheme and David Cubillas was the central attacker.

The rival was CD Lalin, a team that needs a miracle in order to clinch the permanence at Tercera División. The team coached by Perfecto Rodríguez ‘Peluso’ was arriving to Abegondo after suffering three straight defeats; the main threats in attack were strikers José Luis Vázquez ´Matelo´ and David Soares; former Fabril’s right-back Ruben Mendez and midfielder Fernando Beltrán were starters in the clash.

Fabril was coming to this game after clinching five straight victories, and everything was wasted out after suffering an unexpected defeat at Abegondo. As it happened in previous opportunities Depor B suffered in set-pieces, while it missed to concrete the opportunities up front. The first half an hour was equal, with Depor B having big problems to create something in attack, mainly because Juan Carlos was too delayed in the scheme.

The only danger was coming through Diego Vela on the right wing; in this sense there were only two scoring opportunities within the first half an hour. The first was for Lalin as David Soares didn’t arrive on time after Edu couldn’t contain a previous shot of Fernando. Then left-back Ángel couldn’t finalize a combination with Vela inside the area.

Depor B was growing in the game and started to control the actions, but just then the visitors scored twice, all in a matter of six minutes, and both after former Fabril Fernando threw a free-kick. In the first the midfielder sent a perfect cross into the area, Basán headed the ball first and it hit the crossbar, Edu was unfortunate enough as he couldn’t clear the ball properly and Matelo headed the ball home despite the late reaction of Fabril’s goalie.

The locals had a great chance to equalize the game, but Cubillas missed the target after an assist of Vela. And from the possible 1-1 the game turned into a 0-2 scenario. Again Fabril failed to defend a set-piece; Fernando threw a free-kick at the left flank, he sent the ball to the far post, Victor was there, but his poor clearance was collected by Marcos Antonio Vázquez ‘Basán’, who scored the goal from close range.

It was a big shocker for Depor’s youngsters, a result they were unable to overcome in the second part, this no matter that Ramallo changed the draw after the pause; Adrian Martinez joined Crespo at midfield, while Ínsua moved his position to the right side of the defense, Juan Carlos was now the playmaker with Lemos playing behind Cubillas in what seemed to be a 3-2-4-1 figure

The switch brought the best of Depor B in the game, now the Galicians had more fluidity and created several scoring opportunities, the problem was that the local players just seized one of them against an order rival that was waiting to sentence the clash through a counterattack.

At minute 51, Victor was close to score with a crossed shot that missed the target, then Juan Carlos scored the lonely goal for Fabril after combining with Cubillas at the edge of the area, his drilling attempt hit the far post of visiting goalie Carlos Hortal, but luckily the ball went back into the path of the playmaker, who just had to push the ball in to conquer his goal number 15 in liga; it’s the highest mark at Fabril within the last six years.

Thirty minutes were remaining in the clock and the public at Abegondo believed in the comeback, but Fabril was unable to seize any of its opportunities until the final whistle, Victor and Juan Carlos missed the target,, while Ramallo just complicated the puzzle with his changes as neither Álvaro Queijeiro nor Álex Pérez added the depth needed by the team.

José Manuel was the last change in the game replacing Adrian Martinez, and Lalin had a chance to extend the result during a counterattack before the final whistle, but David Soares failed the opportunity as Edu cleared the ball to corner-kick. Victor had the last attempt in the stoppage time, but his shot was stopped by Carlos Hortal.

Deportivo B returned to the errors of the past and broke its positive streak, all of this at the worst moment on the season; just when the team was close to qualify for the playoffs. Two distractions in set-pieces forced the team to reach half-time mark with a disadvantage in the scoresheet; later the team missed its opportunities in the second part and could only score once.

The direct rivals didn’t fail as RC Vilalbés and Pontevedra CF wont their games, while CCD Cerceda scratched a point, now Depor B is fifth at the standings with two games remaining in the calendar. Depor B need to win the last two games and wait for an error of RC Vilalbés or CCD Cerceda; on Sunday the team visits Cultural Areas, another team trying to escape from relegation (A Lomba, 18h00 CET).

Comments of Tito Ramallo: ”There’s always a day in which things don’t work out for you, and that day was today. Now is when we must be stronger and keep our heads calmed. We failed in set-pieces and paid the price for it. We were coming after eight great matchdays and now it happened this, it just demonstrates the high level on this competition. But I believe that we still depending in ourselves in order to reach the playoffs.”

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Edu - Adrián (José Manuel 82’), Oriol Ricarte, Ínsua, Ángel - Crespo, Juan Carlos - Vela (Álex Pérez 62’), Lemos (Queijeiro 79’), Victor Diaz - Cubillas.
Lalín: (4-2-3-1) Carlos Hortal - Rubén Méndez, Gus, Antonio (Mario 66’), Manu - Nuno (Edu 62’), Fernando - Basán, David Soares, Matelo (Suso 80’) - Diego Otero.
Goals: 0-1: (32’) Matelo, 0-2: (39’) Basán, 1-2: (57’) Juan Carlos.
Referee: Rey Simóns. He showed yellow card to Adrián, Ángel, Oriol Ricarte, Cubillas; Carlos Hortal, Gus, Antonio, Manu and Basán.
Venue: Abegondo (600)
Stats: Attempts to score (10 – 5); Corner-kicks (6 – 1); Fouls committed (8 – 17)



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