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08 May 2012
The papers believe that the result was fair due the merits of Valladolid; there were some criticism towards the offensive game of Deportivo, but in a general sense the point is seen as a step forward that approaches the promotion.

La Opiniůn A CoruŮa: Too much retracted. The first player to notice is Lassad. He alone, and without any help, set the defensive line of Valladolid and Deportivo should have taken advantage of it. Secondly, Valladolid dominated, but defended very badly. In the first half Deportivo played much retracted, with two lines of four men close to each other, but without pressing, only retrieving the ball due to the rivalís errors or covering their passing lanes. The rival easily won the back of the defense, all of this for the lack of depth and Depor easily lost the little ball possession that they had. In the second half everything stayed the same, but Deportivo covered very well the passing lanes except in the play of the equalizer. Besides, it defended pretty well and had two dangerous counterattacks that lacked effectiveness. Luis Rodriguez Vaz

La Voz de Galicia: You canít win the games without having scoring opportunities, and sometimes  you can neither do it having a lot of them. Deportivo claimed the lead when they least deserved it during a match in which the Violets dominated from start to finish. Manucho, in the last gasp of the meeting, got a draw that, on balance, it tastes like little. When a team is diminished due to the casualties, and itís aware of its problems at defense, one of the best ways to gain control of the game is to have the ball and attack, and more when you are facing the more near rival at the standings.

Oltraís men knew the theory, but against Valladolid they were unable to put it into practice. Miroslav Djukicís outfit became lord and master of the ball and also of the opportunities, but a penalty committed by the keeper over Lassad allowed Depor to score through Guardado, an early lead just when the impression was that the team had lost the control over the game

Valladolid was enclosing Depor at their side of the field and was playing at ease creating scoring opportunities, which came in all colors. Los Pucelanos were getting the back of Deporís defense at any time, but neither the insistence of Javi Guerra, nor the audacity of Nauzet, managed to pay off. With time served, and Deportivo caressing the three points, Manucho got a ball at his feet  and pushed it into the back of the net to put the tie in the scoresheet. A point that tastes too little to both, Pucelanos and Galicians. Tamara Rivas.

La Opiniůn A CoruŮa: Manucho postponed the party. Deportivo was looking itself at Primera when Manucho, at minute 94, deferred the party with a goal that iced the Riazor. Above all, because it happened before the final whistle. No one was counting with the tie after a game in which the leader exuded courage to take the lead and then it knew how to suffer. Nevertheless, the promotion is  in its hand, but will have to wait a few weeks to sing the final victory.

Depor was arriving with many casualties to an appointment so important like this one. Numerous and illustrious, such as Aranzubia, Colotto and Bruno Gama. But there was no time for excuses, but to find solutions and go out for the game. And Depor did it from the start. If anyone thought that it was going to speculate on the 0-0, then they were wrong, because Depor charged out more than ever before, cornering a Valladolid that didnít expect such a display, at least so soon. Valerůn took 40 seconds to come up with a great pass that Saul wasted with a poor control. The Asturian barely appeared, and when he did, he hardly made anything right. He had a great chance to show himself in a big game, but didnít seize the chance.

Borja, however, became strong as the improvised substitute for Colotto. He fulfilled the task with a high note, as Lux did at the goal. The Argentine keeper didnít have to intervene too much in the first 45 minutes, but each time he did it he acted emulating Aranzubiaís saves. Depor didnít miss him, and the locals dominated until the final leg of the first part.

The 1-0 kept Valladolid alive until the final stretch. It knew that it could find a goal in any single action, without taking the initiative outright. It felt comfortable on the field, though its approach could have been ruined if Alex comes to score the 2-0. The meeting was dying with the leader virtually entrenched and Xisco as the only man in the attacking half. The Majorcan had a counterattack that nearly ended in a goal just before the Manucho equalized before the final whistle. Deportivo is not yet at Primera, but its closer. They need to keep rowing. Every time they need less. Eugenio Cobas

Marca: Valladolid scratches a point from the Riazor. Valladolid earned a point at the final minute playing at the Blanquiazul fortress. Deportivo had gone ahead through a penalty converted by Guardado. But Valladolid pushed and arranged numerous occasions, they didnít find  any reward until the final minute with a miraculous goal scored by Manucho.

Precious battle for the automatic promotion spots at the Galician field. Depor was seeking for the fourteenth straight victory at its magical stadium. Meanwhile, Valladolid needed to add something to maintain their second place. At the end a fair draw for what was seen on the pitch. Depor beat the heart of Valladolid with the first goal. But its defensive withdrawal dearly cost the conceded goal in injury time. Diego Acedo.

AS: Riazor drops a point to Manucho. Deportivo complains, because it had almost in its pocket a victory that was leaving the club at the gates of Primera. Valladolid does it because it doesnít understand why the goal took such a long time coming. And itís that Djukicís men visited the home of the leader without any complex and through its passing game, daring behavior, and combinative football, they cornered a Deportivo that noticed the casualties, especially when Oltra was looking for alternatives in attack as the game was moving toward the visitors.

The draw was bittersweet for both sides, though the privileged position of Oltraís outfit, and the fact of not reducing the advantage to the rival, point to them as the big winners. Especially when you consider that Lux, who debuted in the league, was the reason why Depor reached the final sigh without conceding a goal. The Argentine was superb, like Borja, who made forget the injury pandemic at defense.

And that taking in mind that the match started with a mirage, because Depor bit and scared since the kick-off. The situation lasted just ten minutes, that's what it took Valladolid to take over the ball and the game. The control at midfield was for Rubio and Victor, the combination of Nauzet, Oscar and Jofre, but the definition was the lunar of Valladolid during most of the night. However Depor found gold in its first play with danger. A deep ball was sent by Zť Castro and Jaime, naively, committed a penalty more than avoidable. Guardado made no mistake from the spot and began a resistance that Djukicís side couldnít break despite the opportunities for Pena, Jofre and Nauzet.

The second half didnít change anything and the insistence of Valladolid became almost constant harassment. The passes between the lines, combinations and attacks from the sides were joined by the set-pieces, but Lux was enduring and enduring until Manucho, on the lesser cleaner play, managed to score a tie that made justice to Djukicís side.

The Galicians keep their mattress with the second place, although Valladolid is leaving proud from A CoruŮa for their football and for ending a streak of thirteen straight wins at home of Deportivo, something that speaks greatly of the magic at the Riazor. There are six matchdays remaining and tomorrow Celta could reach the second place. Whatever happens the race is only for three teams and the tachycardia, for everyone. Luis de La Cruz.

Norte de Castilla: Valladolid rescued a point against Deportivo with a goal from Manucho: 1-1. Second minute of the stoppage time. Valladolid is a pure stress in the harassment over German Luxís goal. Deportivo defends with order, relying in the solvency offered by Ze Castro and Borja for 92 minutes. The ball is on the right of the attack. Nauzet, irregular but intense all night long, releases a cross. The ball hits an opponent and returns to the Canarian, who changed the strategy and made a solo-play, though the ball turns to be too long. In an effort he puts the foot, bend the ankle and pulls out a cross to the far post.

The ball passes over Manucho, and goes to Borja and Ze Castro, but then it comes out the head of ”scar. The Salamanca sends it to the far post. There Victor Perez is unmarked. Then the Salamanca-born man sends it back to the other post. Manucho appears and the striker can only reach the ball if he pulls out the breed, strength, power, faith, desire to score. And the Angolan, who doesnít have a lot of quality football, but everything else, enters, and tops, and he scores. A draw in a match that couldnít escape from Valladolid.

Because the goal made the justice that until that moment was refused to Valladolid by the goddess of football. An error of Jaime had put Djukicís team down on the scoresheet. It was at minute 23, a long pass from Ze Castro on Lassad. Jaime measured wrong and ran over the rival. Unquestionable penalty that was transformed into goal by Guardado. But Valladolid didnít care, until that moment it had the ball, it was moving it around, always showing its precious game, and the goal didnít changed its way of thinking and playing. Because the goal launched the concertÖ of Pucela

Since the goal of Guardado to the one of Manucho, the meeting was summed up in three ideas: Valladolid has the ball, Valladolid combined, Valladolid attacks. The trouble is that the fourth leg of the bank -Valladolid scores a goal- didnít quite fit into the equation. And it didnít fit because it wasnít the day for Guerra, he was slow and clumsy. It didnít clear the equation because Jofre was pure energy, and because Nauzet was just disappeared. But it didnít matter: with those four men in command, something had to end up happening.

And it happened. As it happened against Cartagena, Djukic was right with the changes. Jofre was replaced by Bueno. And again the link with ”scar produced revenues. Deportivo ran after the ball and was taking steps back frightened, trembling under the pressure of the black team. Now there were two players to filter passes to the centre and the sides. But Guerra wasnít in the game. The man who should transform the passes into goals was absent, so Manucho came on the pitch. And the Angolan didnít revolutionize anything. He even missed a chance for the poor control over the ball. But when he had another chance, he appeared, for that is what is supposed to be paid, when he is paid, and partly remedied the injustice of the result.

The tie may taste as too much or too little, but whatever the outcome was it left the clear idea that the level of play showed by Valladolid in the house of the leader is unreachable for any team at Liga Adelante. With the intensity and foresight showed by the team, the promotion shouldnít escape as much as the others do. Celta is three points behind and Deportivo is five above, but now the exam is Hercules. The draw will be useless if the team isnít able to beat the Valencians on Sunday. Another new final. Eloy de La Pisa



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