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11 May 2012
Last Saturday’s goal of Guardado meant to reach an interesting mark: for the first time in 35 years Deportivo has three players scoring at least ten goals. Besides, the Mexican is the first Depor’s player in twelve years with double-digits marks.

The last-minute goal of Valladolid avoided tying the historic mark of fourteen straight victories for Deportivo playing at the Riazor in a league competition, but curiously the first goal in that particular game allowed to tie a couple of marks that haven’t been seen in a while.

First to all, the penalty converted by Andrés Guardado meant his tenth goal on the season, therefore there are three players at Deportivo with at least ten goals on the liga competition: Riki (12), Lassad (10) and Guardado (10). Depor is the only club at Segunda with three players having ten or more goals added to their tally; actually only Real Madrid and Barcelona FC can presume of the same among the top two divisions in Spain.

And inside Deportivo this is an unseen mark within the last 35 years, not even in the years of Djalminha, Tristán and Makaay the club tied this statistic. The last time it occurred was on the season 1977/78; Depor was also at Segunda División and had three players that ended the season (38 matches) scoring at least ten goals: striker Alfonso Castro (24), Argentine midfielder Juan Carlos Pirris (11) and forward Antonio Cantudo (10). Curiously, Depor didn’t achieve the promotion to Primera in that opportunity as it only ended 8th at the standings.

The other stat is that Guardado is the first Deportivo’s player in twelve years with double-digits marks, which means to score ten goals plus giving ten assists. The Mexican winger has ten goals and eleven assists in liga (12 assists including Copa Del Rey).  The last man that did this at the club was Djalminha on the season 1999/2000. In that opportunity the Brazilian idol scored ten goals and also gave ten assists in liga, and including the numbers in the UEFA Cup he ended with thirteen goals in favour plus giving eleven assists.

As a way of comparison, at Primera División only stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo can presume of the same; the Argentine already scored the impossible number of fifty goals plus giving sixteen assists, while the Portuguese has added forty-five goals to his tally plus giving twelve assists.

These stats just demonstrate the impressive season of Deportivo in the present Segunda tournament, however nobody will remember these marks if the team doesn’t achieve the promotion back to Primera, something that the Galicians are close to reach.



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