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31 May 2012
With the promotion already secured the club must start to plan the next season, which will be the number 42 at Primera. With Guardado gone the first thing to handle is what to do with the other nine players that are ending contract.

The season is about to end and Deportivo has secured the goal of the promotion to Primera División, but the work for Lendoiro is just starting, because it’s necessary to start planning the next season; and the first thing to handle is to define the situation of the players that are ending contract on June 30.

Andrés Guardado was the first player going through the door out as just one day after securing the promotion he signed a four-year deal with Valencia CF. He was one of the ten players that are ending contract next month.

The other nine players are keeper German Lux, central defender Diego Colotto, left-back Claudio Morel, centre midfielder Borja Fernández, right winger Pablo Álvarez, left winger Diogo Salomão, playmaker Juan Carlos, plus strikers Francisco Jiménez ‘Xisco´ and Lassad Nouioui.

At this point the two things for granted are that Pablo Álvarez won’t continue ahead of next season, while Juan Carlos< will extend his career at the club. The Shark hasn’t received a renewal offer and the player already admitted that he’s leaving. In the case of the Fabril’s playmaker, he told to reporters after the game on Sunday that he has accepted the renewal offer and his continuity should be announced in the coming days.

The situation with the other seven players still uncertain; the club has presented renewal offers to Colotto and Lassad, but both men haven’t accepted yet. The Tunisian attacker hinted the day of the promotion that he could be leaving, apparently he has offers coming from France. In the case of the Argentine defender he’s eager to continue, but wants a better deal. It has been commented that he has two other offers, one coming from Mexico and the other from Real Betis.

In the case of Lux, he hasn’t received any offer, but it’s commented that the club will like him to continue. Meanwhile, six months ago it was pretty clear that Morel was going to leave, but then he gained a spot at the starting team and Oltra could want him to stay. On Wednesday his agent, Gustavo Vernet, was at Abegondo and told to reporters that we will have a meeting with the president, because the player wants to sign a two-year renewal.

The other three players represent complex cases, because there’s a third party involved. Salomão, Xisco and Borja were the players loaned from other clubs. Depor will like to see the trio staying, but first it must reach an agreement with their parent clubs; for now the case that seems closer to be resolved is Salomão, this since Jorge Mendes already told to Lendoiro that the Portuguese winger will continue in La Coruña.



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