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10 Jun 2012
It’s time to revisit the performance of Deportivo’s players during the season. This first part presents the analysis of the two goalkeepers and the nine defenders that played for Deportivo during the campaign 2011/12.

With Deportivo crowned as the champion at Segunda, and with Oltra’s team breaking some records, it isn’t surprising to realize that almost all the players are getting a positive review regarding their performances. There are only a few exceptions, but big part of them fulfilled the expectations. The following is a short description of what the keepers and defenders did throughout the season.

Dani Aranzubia: -The saint- (3,420 minutes on the liga season) Crucial player in the promotion campaign of Deportivo, just to remember the fact that he was the fifth goalkeeper with more saves in the league (135), and several of those saves were important in order to clinch some of the 29 wins on the season. For this reason he has been nicknamed as ‘San Aranzubia’; Depor was the favourite side to clinch the promotion, but any strong team begins by having a solid keeper that brings tranquility to its defenders, and that was what Dani represented. Still, he committed some punctual errors, like the ones committed in the home clash against Elche CF (4-3). Anyhow, he’s one of the reasons why Deportivo had a more or less pleasant journey at Segunda.
RCDLC.com rating: 9.5

Germán Lux: -The backup-  (360) This Argentine keeper arrived in order to bring experience in case Oltra needed a back-up for Aranzubia, and he fulfilled the job with a high note. Lux was the last player of the first team that debuted on the liga campaign after Aranzubia picked an Achilles injury on his right foot during the meeting against UD Almeria. Then the ex-Mallorca man was the starting goalie for the matches against Real Valladolid (matchday 37), CD Numancia (matchday 38) and UD Las Palmas (matchday 39); he did a great job and Depor picked seven of the nine points in dispute. The Argentine man was also the goalie for the last match visiting Villarreal B. He was also the starting choice in the four games played in Copa, though this time leaving some doubts, especially in the series against UD Levante.
RCDLC.com rating: 9.0

Laure: Compliant- (3,106) He was the starting right-back defender; truly the sides at defense have been one of the weakest points at the team within the last years, but the sacrifice and commitment of Laure can’t be discussed. On this season the Madrilenian had a more offensive role, joining the attacks by his side, mainly when Depor was playing at home, perhaps his contribution in attack wasn’t so important, but to point out that he scored a goal (matchday 32 against Girona CF), plus providing three assists.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.5

Manuel Pablo: -Unfortunate- (360) It wasn’t a good season for captain Manuel Pablo, because of the injuries. The Canarian just played eight games on the season, the half of them as a starter, this since he was on the sidelines for a while due to endless muscular injuries. He was a starting choice at the end of the liga tournament, but leaving the impression of been unfit, which is normal taking in mind his stormy season.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0

Diego Seoane: -Unnoticed- (463) Once again he was the third choice at the right side of the defense, reason why he only played six games in the liga tournament, five of those appearances as a starter as Laure and Manuel Pablo were injured or suspended. It can’t be said that he had a bad performance, quite the contrary; he fulfilled the duties and left a sensation of freshness at defense. It was just that he wasn’t in Oltra’s list of preferred choices.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Diego Colotto: -Dandy- (3,064) Life is always easier when you have a player like Colotto performing at the centre of the defense. Without doubt he was the soul of a defense that was solid despite some flat moments, mainly with the team playing on the road. Still, his stats demonstrate that he was the base of the defense; Colotto was the sixth man at Segunda with more blocks (22) and fifteenth in terms of clearances (123). Constant reference in the aerial game the ex-Atlas man scored three goals on the season, from the first one in liga against RC Recreativo to the agonizing goal against Elche CF (4-3), two goals that meant three points. points. Can you ask more from a defender?
RCDLC.com rating: 9.

Aythami Artiles: -Misunderstood- (1,811) The Canarian started as one of the fixed choices at the centre of the defense, but lost weight at the team with the passing of the matchdays. He was one of the most criticized players in the first part of the season, just when Depor offered terrible presentations on the road. The true is that he was victim of the circumstances as the whole defense was failing. In the middle of this criticism he showed up to score an agonizing goal that meant a point against Nástic (2-2, matchday 09). Later he lost the spot before Ze Castro and in the second round only played six times as a starter, always covering the absence of a team mate. Still, it can’t be said that he had a bad season, just to point out that Depor won the six games in which he started in the second round, with the defense only conceding three goals. He even scored another goal within the period (2-0 Vs. Córdoba CF, matchday 31).
RCDLC.com rating: 7.5

Ze Castro: -Wildcard- (2,165) The Portuguese man has regained a spot at the starting team after two years on the shadows. On this season he had to wait until matchday 17 in order to enter into the fixed squad of Oltra, and later he never left the train. All of this for his importance in the tactical scheme of the Valencian coach; he was the connection, the wildcard, the player that connected the defense with Álex Bergantiños, a crucial piece for the outcome of the ball. With the former Atletico man on the pitch the defense gave the feeling of been a more stable place. The lunar were his injuries, in five opportunities he had to be replaced during the games due to a physical problem.
RCDLC.com rating: 8.5

David Rochela: -Forgotten- (194) The second field player with lesser minutes on the season, a statistic that speaks by itself. He was always considered as a talented defender, but the point is that time is passing and he isn’t gaining anything at Deportivo –he’s already 22- on this season he was the fourth central defender in the preferences of Oltra, and for this reason he only played in three games, He debuted against CD Guadalajara replacing Ze Castro for the final fifteen minutes, and in the final part of the season he was a starter twice playing against UD Almeria (matchday 36) and Villarreal B (matchday 42), in the first because of the plague of injuries, and in the second as a compensation. The As Pontes-born defender was also a starter in the four matches played in Copa and left a positive impression, but the general feeling is that the train is passing and he’s missing it.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Ayoze Diaz: -Criticized- (2,136) Without doubt Ayoze was the most criticized player at Depor’s first team, just the confirmation that the sides were the weakest point on the season. Constantly overflowed and missing consistency, it isn’t a surprise that he and Laure were the most booked players on the season (11). Evidence of this situation was what happened to him in the home clash with FC Cartagena (matchday 22). He arrived late and tackled an opponent at midfield, which cost him the red card and to leave the team with ten men during 70 minutes. The Canarian begun the season as a fixed choice at Oltra’s lineup, and ended on the sidelines as Morel made a step forward. He only completed eight appearances in the second round, this after been a starter in 18 of the first 21 matchdays on the season. Anyhow, it must be admitted that he had a couple of solid matches, like the 3-1 win over UD Las Palmas, game in which he made a crucial save when the score still was 2-1.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Claudio Morel: -Reinvented- (1,480) If this Paraguayan defender stayed for this season it was because Lendoiro didn’t find the way to get rid of him during the past summer. No one liked his past season at Primera, so it wasn’t a surprise to see him only playing three times in the first round, only once as a starter. But later the ex-Boca Juniors man seized a suspension of Ayoze and claimed the spot at the left-back position, in the end he was a starter in 15 of the 21 matches played in the second round. It can’t be said that his presence solved all the issues at the sides of the defense, but at least it brought more stability. He even gave the assist for the first goal in the game that meant the promotion to Primera (2-1 Vs. SD Huesca).
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0



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