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04 Jul 2012
Deportivo has finally presented a renewal offer to Raul Garcia, but it isnít counting with him ahead of the Primera season 2012/13, so the plans are to loan him out for a second straight year if he accepts the offer.

Last year left-back defender Raul Garcia signed a one-year contract with the option of extending the deal for three more seasons, then he went out loaned to Segunda B club UD Melilla. His team didnít qualify for the promotion playoffs, but the player had a decent performance there, at some point even playing as a left winger.

After the unpleasant experience with other players like Piscu and Adrian, young men that left the club after a legal battle that cancelled the clubís option to extend their contracts, Depor has preferred to avoid the legal problems and presented a renewal offer to the player, and itís the same offer of the past year: a one-year contract and the obligation of playing loaned at other club.

For now the player is thinking in accepting the offer or in other case to end his stage at Deportivo and search for a life elsewhere; according to La Voz de Galicia there are a couple of clubs interested in him, though the names of the clubs werenít revealed.

Last month the 23-year-old defender said that he would love to stay and that he was just waiting for a renewal offer, Ē I want to continue. My first choice, and so far the only one, is to stay here, but it depends on them and I am waiting. ím 23, I have been eleven years at the club and I'm not longer the kid from the youth teams, or the recently promoted player from Juvenil. I want to prove I'm worth. I gained maturity, I have the experience of playing at Segunda B in a team that aspired to the promotion, and I think I improved a lot. I can contribute things and learn more.Ē

However, on Monday the defender told to Radio Galega that he hasnít accepted the proposal and thatís thinking of the possible options, mainly because he wants to play in a Segunda club in case of not staying at Deportivo.



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