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05 Jul 2012
Deportivo B squad is little by little taking shape ahead of the season 2012/13. There are three new signings, while six players were already released. The club won’t buy a spot for the B team at Segunda B, so it will compete at Tercera.

Fabril kicks off the pre-season 2012/13 on Monday July 16; the club already arranged the first friendly game for July 28 against a team composed by former players of Rayo Sadense. The main novelty for the new season is that Tito Ramallo  is no longer the coach of the B squad of Deportivo. He left the job after eleven years and his substitute is José Luis Devesa, another experienced coach with a long career at the club that has conquered several titles, mainly at Juvenil A.

The club still building up the team for the new season; for now only fourteen players are remaining from last season, two players are currently loaned out at other clubs, while three signings have been made and six players have been released.

The players staying from last season are: keeper Marc Martinez, defenders Adriá Gallego, José Manuel, Uxío, Pablo Ínsua, Ángel Martinez, midfielders Richi, Adrian Martinez, Diego Vela, Victor Diaz, plus strikers Álex Pérez, Iago Beceiro, Alvaro Lemos and Luis Fernandez.

Six players have been released so far: centre midfielder David García, centre back Diego Vieytes, goalkeeper Edu, centre back Oriol, centre midfielder Pedro Crespo and striker David Cubillas. Besides, right winger Carlos Monje Serrano ‘Chirri’ has ended his contract and won’t be renewed. Two players will play loaned at other clubs on the new season: keeper Felipe Ramos (Valencia B) and centre back Stefan Deak (Hapoel Rishon LeZion F.C.).

The three signings completed so far are: centre back Marcos Caridad (22, CCD Cerceda), playmaker Manuel Romay (22, Montañeros CF) and centre midfielder Oumar Sidibé (22, Pontevedra CF). Caridad is a former player of Fabril that’s returning after two years out; Romay is called to be the substitute of Juan Carlos; the Santiago-born player was linked with Depor before and already played for Aris in Greece. Sidibé is a Burkina Faso-born defensive midfielder that scored five goals on the last Tercera tournament.

Depor’s coaching staff hasn’t revealed yet the names of the players that will be promoted from Juvenil A, for now Depor Sport just stated that three players from this team are going to make the pre-season with the B squad: right-back Tomas, centre back Cardelle and centre midfielder Álvaro Queijeiro

Deportivo had the option to inscribe its B squad at Segunda B, this since five clubs were relegated due to unpaid wages. The procedure when this issue happens is that the Spanish Federation (RFEF) calculates the amount of the unpaid wages and then they divide it between the available spots, so any team from Tercera wanting to buy one spot has to pay a fixed amount. Later the RFEF uses the money in order to cover the debts with the players.

For the season 2011/12 the unpaid wages were calculated in €950,000, so each one of the five available slots were costing €190,000. In the end the club ruled out this option of making this payment and preferred to keep the team at Tercera División, so Deportivo B will keep playing at group one of this division.



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