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09 Jul 2012
Centre midfielder Jesús Vázquez is the fourth player that has joined the pre-season after Salomão, Bruno Gama and Laure. He later talked to reporters and explained that the goal for the new season should be to achieve the permanence.

Jesús Vázquez joined the pre-season of Deportivo on Saturday; he worked at the Zona Fit gym and later at Abegondo. He talked to reporters at the press room and said that he’s feeling fine after his serious injury, “I am at the top. I had a lot of time in order to imagine how the new year is going to be. I’m willful after the injury. I want to help the team and for now we’ll wait for the other players.”

The centre midfielder also said that he’s working in his recovery process, “I’m going to make some exercises until Tuesday; the doctors and the coaches will examine me and if there isn’t any issue, then I’m going to be one more player. Until I don’t train with the team mates we won’t know my real condition, but I’m feeling fine.”

“I haven’t stopped at home; I was training there, waiting for this day, now the goal is to train at the top. The vacation period wasn’t normal, because I had to work every day at my homeland. Now my goal is to keep feeling fine and later make my best effort for the coach, later he will decide if I should play or not.” He added.

About the goal of Deportivo for the new season, the Andalusian man said that Depor should target the permanence, “Our advantage is that the team has a renewed hope and it dreams as we’re returning to the elite, surely the team is feeling motivated. It’s an advantage for the team. The goal is to find our spot among the other teams in the league. We need a good year in order to clinch the permanence; we are a recently promoted club; later the competition itself will put us at our place.”

“All the teams want to win; we know that it isn’t going to be like last year, because we aren’t aspiring to winning everything and end as the first place, but we’ve our dreams and want to renew our hope as we are facing great teams. At this team there are players with a lot of games at Primera and it won’t be a problem.” He added.

Finally, Jesús Vázquez is aware that there’s a lot of competence for the position of centre midfielder, “Yes, but it’s normal to see any team having four players for this position, still there’s a lot of quality.” About the arrival of André Santos, he said that, “He’s young and surely has the class of all the Portuguese players. He will add things to the team.”



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