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17 Jul 2012
Playmaker Juan Carlos Real gave an interview to Depor Sport; the Galician player is conscious that it will be difficult to gain a spot at the team of Oltra, so heís aware that, in order to have minutes, it will probably be necessary to go out loaned.

Q: Are your expectations higher compared to last season?
A: Yes, obviously itís the jump made. Now the phase at Fabril has ended and Iím waiting for the club. For the moment I know nothing. Everything is just starting and Iím hopeful. Itís the dream of any youngster, especially been from the city, to succeed at the club, and then, as Iím waiting for their decision, to see whatís coming. We need to wait and to see the passing of the weeks.

Q: But what are your desires?
A: Clearly to succeed on here, this is my dream. But itís a matter of opportunities. The club will decide what the best is for me and a decision will be made. A lot still ahead, because we need to find a club interested in me, something I donít know if exists. Depor must be also interested, and the agents must agree in the operation too, and finally I must agree.

Q: For your position on the field you may have more minutes than other B playersÖ
A: Yes, itís clear, but the idea of the club is to see me playing and also mine. We havenít decided anything yet, but the idea is to play. I donít know where, if here, in another place, but will see what happens in the coming weeks. I have never stopped during a season. I always played at Fabril and Juveniles. I have just came out from there, Iím 21, so I donít think in living one year without playing, because been 21 and not playing it could turn things complicated. I will make a decision as soon as I could know anything, but must analyze it first.

Q: It gives the feeling that you arenít so optimistic about continuing at the clubÖ
A: It isnít like that. The point is that I know nothing. I donít know if somebody wants me. As things stand right now, everything is stopped.

Q: Do you think that it will be harder to have minutes at Primera as you didnít have too many at Segunda?
A: Sure. Itís the first thing in your mind, but I debuted last year, I played against Segunda teams and also against Levante, a UEFA team, besides I felt comfortable and made a nice job. So, I am calm as I know that played against quality rivals and fulfilled the expectations.

Q: Do you believe that anything you do in the pre-season may affect your future?
A: I work in order to aspire to everything and the highest thing is out be here. I donít know the ideas of the club, but Iīm isolated from that. The agents are working on that and as soon as they know anything they will tell me.

Q: Due to the promotion of Lugo, Augusto Cťsar Lendoiro said that it will be good to have a team like that at Segunda in order to make loan dealsÖ
A: Sure, but nothing has been said to me. My agents are working and should have spoken with the club, but nothing has been said to me. We have just started and at the middle of the pre-season we will see what the real options are.

Q: Some people believe that the youngsters are in disadvantage and that things are more complicated in order to succeedÖ
A: It isnít that things are more or less difficult; itís a matter of opportunities. If they give you a chance, then people from Fabril start to live among the first team until adapting, then it debuts and the player grows up. But if the player isnít used then itís more complicated. So, itís a matter of given opportunities. If the opportunity wonít come here on this year, then itís necessary to search for another place.

Q: Youīve renewed for three more seasons, it should be an example that the club is trusting in youÖ
A: Yes, absolutely.  Itís a great step to have signed a contract with Deportivo. Itís what you dream since starting to play football. In that sense I know that I belong to Deportivo and that there wonít be any problem.

Q: Did you notice the confidence of the coach on last season?
A: Last year was a complicated season. I was coming out from the B team, there was a large squad and the goal was clear. When things are fine and the team is winning then itís more complicated, not only for me, but for many people that only have a few minutes. Still, I was able to debut, I played against Segunda and Primera teams, which is great for the formation process of a player. Now another year is starting and letís see what happens. But I feel the support from the club, because they have renewed my contract and I have been here all my life.



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