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18 Jul 2012
Jesús Vázquez wrote an open letter to all the fans in order to thank the medical and coaching staff of Deportivo for his quick recovery after his serious leg injury. He is now recover and ready to fight for a spot at Depor’s first team.

On Tuesday midfielder Jesús Vázquez received the medical okay in order to play football; the Andalusian broke his left fibula during a training session held at Abegondo on February 13. He was operated immediately and has spent on the sidelines within the last four months. Now he’s recovered and ready to fight for a spot at Oltra’s starting team.

The player is particularly thankful with the doctors and coaching staff that treated him in this tough moment, so he wanted to thank them through an open letter that was published by Canaldeportivo.com. The following is a translation of the letter:

I wished this day to come, I've thought about it. It has been the hardest summer of my sporting life; I was with my family, but with the mind in my ankle, just in my ankle. Today I am one more player, an important first step, but nothing definitive, that is yet to come, no doubt about it...

I have shared many moments with many people, but the support of the team mates, the coaching staff and the family has always been noticed, thank you all once again.

Within these four months I have transformed myself. I'm a new species, THANKS to the scalpel of Mr. Arriaza and his patient words. Then Mr. Barral and Mr. Lariño, present whenever I needed them. My legs were taking shape THANKS to Mr. Patiño and his “Wiggles", continuously revised by the hands of Mr. Mateo and Mr. Carbó, though I don’t know who endured who, if they to me or vice versa. Besides, all the good advices from Mr. Hermida, always necessary.

Everything ran its course and I was beginning to sweat, and in this paragraph, my physique was paying attention to my mind, to my mind, wisdom and coordination of the Sport Supporting Performance Group, THANK YOU to Mr. Martin Acero for his time, Mr. Franganillo and Mr. Sanz, by the experiences lived with them. Mr. Lopez for his hands and traps, but always was leaving alive from them...

Physically, I'm almost fine, I just need a little touch with the Andalusian sun in order to shine and collect my thoughts; of course, that's just what I need, my mind, my head, my thoughts and then he comes with his temperance and for that reason I thank you, Mr. Macario Bravo, thank you for your work with me and my people, before, during and after we will meet again.

I wanted, somehow, to inform Deportivo’s fans that, behind us, the players, there are many working people that are not much given to appear in the photos and interviews, but are very necessary. To see us connecting that cross or making that almost impossible save. From here I thank you heartily for your work, your time, dedication, training and wisdom.

THANK YOU because today I feel like one more player, because I feel a footballer again. THANKS again. I'll never forget.

Jesus Vazquez



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