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20 Jul 2012
Depor’s trainer talked to reporters at Vilalba; he explained the stage of the first team and the first friendly game on the pre-season. He also analyzed the situation with the arrivals and exits from the team.

José Luis Oltra addressed the media on Thursday; he talked with reporters for fourteen minutes and analyzed the present state of his team. He’s happy for the intensity had during the trainings at Vilalba, “We must arrive in the best possible way to the first game in liga and for that reason we need intensity. I said before that the players were fine; the medicals confirmed it; besides I saw that they’re hopeful, and I have sawn the same on here. I see things like last year. We still are a united group. I am content.”

He was asked about the influence of internal groups at the team as there are already five Portuguese players at the team, besides the three Canarians, “We are a team and I´m fearless, nothing leads me to think that we have internal gangs. And it’s that not all of them are sitting at the same table, neither participating in the same training groups. In the end this is a football team and the presence of players from one single country just help to the integration. These things are adding, not resting, so I’m fearless for having internal groups at the team.”

Then the Valencian coach said that he’s satisfied after the club completed the first four signings, though more still have to come “The team is under construction; we have a clear goal and our needs are evident; the club is working on it; that we’ll love to have all of them right now? Sure. But we must accept it. The important thing is to have a solid team and that it could be closed by the last day. We must accept it.”

About the so wished top scorer asked by the fans, Depor’s trainer didn’t want to bring clues, and just stated that, “We are working in order to improve the squad and bring what we need. The president and the sporting director are working on this.”

Then he was asked about the case for Abel Aguilar; he was asked if his arrival would cause an exit at the team, and the answer was, “I don’t want to confirm or deny the negotiation for Abel, but if we sign an additional player for one single position it is to increase the level of the team; as example last year when we had three left-back defenders, and we still have them at the team. I believe that the best is to work with small numbered squads, but one additional player won’t cause any harm. What I want is to at least have two players per position.”

A journalist asked Oltra about a possible interest in Athletic Bilbao’s David Lopez, but he just said, “No. I won’t talk. We will talk only if we sign a player. We will have seven squads if we would be talking of all the rumours.” Neither he wanted to respond in the case of Alberto Rodriguez; the defender that still pending to know if he will play at Depor, “I would talk of him only tomorrow.” He said.

The Catarroja-born coach was also asked if Pablo Ínsua, the defender of Depor B that just won the U-19 Euro, will make the pre-season stage with the first team, and he explained that, “We will analyze the case with Pablo, he needs to rest, for the moment he won’t join the team at Vilalba, only if we suffer an injury. Later the club has to decide if he will join the first team starting on Tuesday. We will think of it depending on the needs of the team.”

About the possible exit on loan of Juan Carlos, he said that, “He’s living the same situation of other youngsters: we need to think of it and realize that a step backwards could later mean to give two steps forward. If a good offer comes out for Juan Carlos then our obligation is to study it. For me he will be an important player for the future, maybe it will be good for him to go out loaned.”

Finally, Oltra explained his plans for today’s game against Viveiro CF, the first friendly match of the pre-season, “The players that have been here all the time are the ones that will play. As you should know by now, only one keeper will play, because I don’t like to give half a game to the goalkeepers, I still have to talk to Samba [Sambade, the keeper’s trainer] and later will put ten me for each half. The ones that will play are the players that have been in this stage, without counting Ze Castro, who is out due to precaution reasons. The rest of players will perform.”



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