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28 Jul 2012
Depor’s coach talked to reporters and expressed his satisfaction with the movements made by the club at the transfer market. He also unveiled the plans for the upcoming friendly match against Sporting Gijón.

Long press conference of José Luis Oltra; the coach of Deportivo made a balance of the current state of the squad after ending the third week of trainings. He talked with reporters at the press room of Abegondo and the conversations lasted thirty minutes.

He started commenting the words of Riki as the striker said on Thursday that the intensity of the trainings has been lowered compared to the previous pre-season, “They already know me and I know them, so we all know what I like and for this reason I don’t need to push them so hard. Perhaps I don’t emphasize some things as they know what we need. It doesn’t mean that I have lowered the intensity in order to conquer our goal. I believe it’s a matter of perception. It was only a positive comment made by him.”

Later he announced that new signing Abel Aguilar won’t play against Sporting Gijón on Sunday (19h00 CET), “He won’t debut on Sunday, because there’s no need to force him. He’s fine and was working before at Hércules; perhaps he missed to practice more football during the trainings. He will travel for the game [against Sporting], but won’t play. The idea is to not see him debuting, not yet.”

Oltra also explained the skills of the Colombian midfielder, “He brings more competence to the team at that position, he brings aerial and offensive power. He brings balance as he can help in defensive tasks, but can also bring criterion and arrival from the second line. You can put him as a defensive midfielder and also brings offensive game, so it’s a very complete player that brings a lot of things, and surely he’s improving the level of the squad. There will be games in which he will play in one way, and others in which his function will be different. That’s the good thing about him: he’s polyvalent.”

The Valencian trainer explained why Deportivo signed a fifth centre midfielder during the transfer window, “The position was well covered, but we saw the chance to sign an interesting player. We all understand that he’s improving the squad and since it was inside our possibilities, despite not been a priority, we decided to make the signing. It didn’t change the economic aspect, so it was a great move.”

Later he explained the plans for the match against Sporting Gijón; he said that the starters will perform for 70 minutes, “The idea is to give more minutes now. On Sunday, unless somebody is pretty tired, the plan is to see some players performing for 70 minutes and others for 20; then the ones playing 20 will perform for 70 minutes against Lugo [next Wednesday]. The idea is to give minutes to everyone so all the players will be have match fitness for the first matchday.”

“They are an important team, a club targeting the promotion, so the demand for our players will be higher. Beyond been an important rival it is a team that will improve our level. It should help us to see the negative aspects at the squad and we should try to correct them. Possibly it’s a team matching our current level. There are some special situations that we´ll try t detect in this game.” He added about the meeting with Sporting.

About the importance of the friendly matches, he commented that, “These games are useful, because it allows me to detect some things. As example to see the combinations between some centre midfielders, centre backs, a side defender and a particular winger, strikers, a forward and the winger, and so on. I already noticed some things and need to watch more. I had a clear idea of what I want, but it can change according to what I could see.”

There was a question about the possibility of seeing someone leaving the squad after the arrival of Abel Aguilar, and the coach denied this scenario, “It isn’t that someone will leave, to see Abel arriving doesn’t mean that somebody has to leave. For now neither Jesús [Vazquez] nor André [Santos], nor Juan [Dominguez] nor Álex [Bergantiños] are leaving. Evidently the piece of cake is smaller for them; logically some players will have lesser minutes as it will depend on my decisions. What I can tell you is that Jesús is one more player training at the top; he’s recovered from his injury. Last year he was signed in order to be an important player, but the circumstances sidelined him. But the new season might be different. We won’t invite anybody to leave unless somebody asks for it.”

There were a lot of questions regarding the signings that the club is trying to complete, but Oltra didn’t give too many hints, “We won’t talk of the exact signings that we want. We have 25 spots and maybe will try to get two strikers; perhaps we will only sign one plus another winger. We will release information as soon as we get it. The club does these things and I just administrate the resources. The club is working; we know what we want and the team is under construction. We will sign a defender and an attacker; from there we still have to decide the exact number.”

 “I don’t know any name, sincerely. I just know we’re working under certain limits in a financial sense. I can’t tell you as I am not present during the negotiations. I don’t know how many players are left; I just can tell you that we are missing players in order to complete the squad. If la liga would be starting on Monday I don’t know who could be playing at the centre of the defense, as example it could be Ínsua and Aythami, or Uxio and Aythami. I don’t know.” He added about the issue.

In any case the Catarroja-born coach isn’t worried as he hasn’t completed yet the squad for the new season, “The ideal thing would have been to start training having all the squad available, but you tell me, what team at Primera or Segunda started the pre-season having the full squad available? No one, so the ideal thing is impossible. We need new players, but surely I’m happy with the team. I´m content so far with the signings of André, Evaldo, Pizzi and Abel.”

An interesting comment was the explanation of his influence in the signings, “If the doors are open it is because we all have agreed. Deportivo is the one that makes the signings, but since I´m here no one has been signed without my approval. If I don’t give my problem the club doesn’t make the operation; actually last year the club stopped a signing that was almost made and all because it didn’t convince me.”

Finally, he commented the issue of the lack of a goal scorer at the team, “Here the initial debate was that we didn’t have a striker capable of scoring twenty goals and that for that reason the promotion was in danger, but later Riki scored fourteen or fifteen goals; Lassad scored more, and in the end the team was the second best scorer just behind Celta. Now we are searching for a striker that can add an important number of goals. We have Riki and Bodipo, and surely someone will come, but the goal has a price.”



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