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31 Jul 2012
Deportivo faces the last stretch of the season and the first doubts have emerged after the heavy defeat against Sporting Gijón. Coach Oltra remains optimistic, though he is aware that the team needs to improve a lot.

The first team of Deportivo begins the last stretch of the pre-season and also faces the busiest period of the stage with fourth friendly games to be disputed in a frame of twelve days: CD Lugo (Wednesday), Pacos de Ferreira (Friday), Sevilla FC (August 8) and Atletico Madrid (August 11). There was a fifth game in the schedule: the visit to Vitoria SC (Sunday), but this match has been canceled due to a logistic problem; currently Depor is trying to book another rival for that date.

And it does it with big doubts surrounding the team after the 1-4 loss against Segunda club Sporting Gijón; beyond the big score the main concern was the negative impression left on the pitch and the big errors committed at defense. Depor looked like a team that still needs a lot of time in order to be prepared and face a competition like Primera División, but the true is that only two weeks are left before the debut in liga against Osasuna.

Truly the major part of the team that played on Sunday was formed by players that were substitutes on the past season while others are new signings, but the errors committed at defense, and that cost the four goals against the Asturians, awoke criticism and concern among the fans, particularly as Oltra had to improvise at defense as he’s lacking players for the central positions. For Sunday’s game he even had to improvise Diego Seoane as a centre back.

Coach José Luis Oltra talked after the game and admitted the problems at his team, ”I am not content with what we did today, both in the defensive and offensive tasks for this game. We all left a negative impression in today’s meeting.”

“We have played against a solid team, one of the favourites, together with Villarreal, in order to clinch the promotion on next season. Recently we faced another Segunda club playing on the road and we won. Today we suffered a big defeat.  Today’s game is something to be analyzed, this due to the large number of errors that we committed.” He added.

Still, Oltra remains optimistic and was trying to chill out the fans after the defeat, ”If you want to ring the alarm bell, then you can do it. We are calmed and confident. Surely the team has committed a lot of errors and lacked fluency, but we are aware that this is the pre-season. We need to improve and there’s enough time. We have a better team of what was sawn. I will just follow the same lane, giving minutes to all the players.”

The captains at the team also faced the media and analyzed what happened, starting with Manuel Pablo, “They were adapted to the pitch, the grass was slow; the first two goals came after we lost the ball at the back and when the striker faced the keeper one-on-one. It’s a lesson to everyone on how we shouldn’t play. Clearly we are missing players in some sectors, so it’s a defeat to correct some things and nothing more.” The side defender stated after the meeting.

Juan Carlos Valerón also faced the media and denied that the players are worried, “There’s no need in been nervous. You don’t like to lose this way despite it was only a pre-season match, but need to improve some things. Football is like this, sometimes things work out and you believe that everything is fine, sometimes you play badly and you realize that there are things to improve. It isn’t important, the important thing are the feelings you have on the pitch and the daily work. The important thing is to be prepared for the season’s kickoff.



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