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01 Aug 2012
Roderick Miranda and Nélson Oliveira were presented yesterday at the Riazor; the Portuguese duo is coming loaned from SL Benfica. Now, Deportivo has seven Portuguese players at the first team.

The last two signings of Deportivo, Roderick Miranda and Nélson Oliveira, landed in A Coruña on Monday’s night, in the next morning they passed the medicals and were presented in the afternoon before 1,500 fans. Both men jumped to the grass of the Riazor around 19h00 (CET); to mention that there was an important presence of reporters coming from Portugal. First it was Roderick and later Nélson. Both are loan operations lasting one year and the club didn’t have any buyout option over them.

They were welcomed by the fans and signed autographs, then the newest signings of Depor and president Augusto César Lendoiro went to the press room in order to address the media. Deportivo’s boos welcomed the signings and explained the difficulties of the operation, “It’s a pride to welcome two international level players; I’m sure they will be important assets for Depor at Primera.”

“Let’s hope they could stay for more time with us, though surely it won’t be easy. Oliveira is an old wish of Depor, and it’s clear that you get what you chase. We must thank Jorge Mendes, because without him it would have been hard to hire these players. I’m sure they will bring nights, afternoons and mornings of glory.” He added.

Oliveira and Roderick during their presentation

The first player that talked to reporters was Oliveira, the striker said that he doesn’t feel like a star, “I don’t feel like been the star signing; I just arrive in order to help Deportivo to achieve its goals. Deportivo is a great opportunity for me; I will work hard in order to score the largest number of goals.”

“Deportivo is an historic club in Spain and I believe this is a great opportunity in order to grow up as a player. I hope to get some goals, but the most important thing is to achieve the objective of the group. My main characteristic is to be strong and fast. I can strike the ball with both legs and like to be the reference up front.”

Later defender Roderick explained what he expects from this experience, “People already told me great things of Depor. I hope it will be true. I already played in Switzerland, but it isn’t as competitive as the Spanish la liga, because on here only the best ones play.”

Then he was remembered that great Portuguese defenders like Jorge Andrade or Helder have performed for Depor, “It’s true, great defenders were part of Depor in the past and this is a great project; I must work hard in order to achieve the goals. I am the kind of centre defender that always tries to do the best; always taking care of the output with the ball. I hope to learn a lot alongside these experienced players. I always try to remain positive.”

With these arrivals Deportivo has now seven Portuguese players at the first team; it’s a record as never before the Galician club has so many men coming from one foreign country. The Lusitanian players at the squad are: Diogo Salomão, Bruno Gama, Pizzi, André Santos, Ze Castro, Roderick Miranda and Nélson Oliveira.




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