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02 Aug 2012
Deportivo Juvenil A is training since the past week; the goal for the season 2012/13 is to improve the poor results from the past year. Only seven players are staying from last year, while a couple of youngsters were directly promoted from Cadete A.

Last year was disappointing for Deportivo Juvenil A; the second youth team at the club only ended fifth at División de Honor Juvenil (group one), almost thirty points below champion Sporting Gijón and even missing to qualify for the Copa Del Rey of this division. Therefore the goal for the new season is to regain the recent performance, years when the team always ended, at least, as the runners-up.

For the season 2012/13 several modifications were made to a team mainly composed by 17-year-old players. The coach continues to be José Manuel Martínez ‘Secho’. Only seven players are continuing from the past year: keepers David Gómez and Rodrigo, right-back Marcos Castro, left-back Gabi, midfielder Róber, plus strikers Denis and Dani Iglesias, this last one was the Pichichi on the past season scoring 14 goal in 19 matches.

There are three new signings completed until this point: Alberto Abascal, Ismael and Enrique. A special case is centre back Borja Escoms. He was signed for the past season, but the injuries kept him at bay for the half of the season and spent the other half loaned at Deportivo Marchamalo at Tercera División; he will debut this season with the team, but already played for Fabril during a couple of friendly matches.

The rest of players are youngsters promoted from Juvenil B and in some cases from Cadete A. There are 14 players that were at Juvenil B on the past season: right-back Anxo Calvo, centre backs Jorge Rodriguez and Toni Ínsua, left-backs Victor Garcia and Marcos Lorenzo, midfielders Sergio de Dios, Álex Sánchez, Sergio Pereira, Adrián Álvarez and Diego Enjamio.

Other promoted players from Juvenil B are playmaker Julio Delgado, who was already picked for Spain’s U-16 squad, right winger Juampa plus strikers Chiño and Venezuelan Eloy. There are four players making the jump from Cadete A: Keepers Anxo Pérez and Héctor Portela, defender Angel Fernandez and right winger Javier Fernandez ´Bicho’. However these four youngsters are just training with the team, and could end playing for Juvenil B depending in the final decision of the coaching staff.

Coach Secho talked to Depor Sport and emphasized that this a young group, ”It will be a team with a lot of players from the first year [promoted from Juvenil B], it’s an idea that I always had and we’ve changed the policy at the club a, before the major part of the squad were players with at least two years at the team. These are players that bring a lot of hope; I believe we’ve a balanced and competitive squad.”



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