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08 Aug 2012
Depor’s president assured during the presentation of Marchena that only one signing is lasting on order to close the squad. He also denied the possibility of a strike after the conflict between the clubs and the TV companies.

As always president Augusto César Lendoiro addressed the media during the presentation of a signing. This time he released two important messages; the first was the confirmation that only one more addition is needed in order to close the squad ahead of the season 2012/13.

“With one more striker we will close the team. We are trying to build up the best possible squad taking in mind the current situation of crisis.” Lendoiro told to reporters. In any case he said that there are no fresh news on this regard, “There’s nothing new; we still waiting. We’ll tell you as soon as we have any novelty. Things are slow; in this case the operation was quick, because Carlos Marchena cancelled his contract with Villarreal three days ago and now he’s here.”

In the past week Deportivo was linked with Manchester United’s winger Bebé, but Depor’s boss denied any interest and also confirmed that the situation with Lassad remains the same, “No, there’s nothing with Bebé. Neither have we known anything of Lassad. That subject remains the same.”

About Ínsua, he said that the most probably thing is that the defender would stay at Depor B, “I imagine that, at this point, the players that were of Fabril will continue to belong to Fabril. Ínsua needs time. You can’t go out having so much responsibility. Let’s hope he could demonstrate it on the field.”

There was a question regarding the fans’ worries as many of the players at the team will end their link with the club in June of 2013, but the president isn’t worried on this subject, “The fact that many players are ending their contract on June 30 isn’t an issue worrying us. In the past it was wonderful when you were about to become a free agent, now you need to think twice.”

The second interesting subject analysed in the press conference was the current situation in la liga. 13 clubs at Primera had a meeting on Tuesday as they are trying to put pressure and change the schedules of the liga matches. Deportivo wasn’t part of the meeting as the Galician club wasn’t invited.

About this issue Lendoiro commented that, “It was a meeting in which Deportivo wasn’t invited. Sometimes people aren’t aware of what they are signing, because when we signed the TV contract there was a stipulation giving permission to the companies to establish the schedules. All the clubs signed the document. The fact of the schedules is a circumstance derived of the companies’ interests; they just search for the schedules that fulfill their aspirations.”

In this sense he ruled out the possibility of a strike, “There won’t be any strike; they could skip one game, but it won’t happen. Nobody plays against the things that bring the food to your table.” Finally, the president defended the aids given to the relegated clubs as it happened to Deportivo, giving as example the case of Villarreal “Villarreal is passing from a situation in which they were collecting 35 million in terms of television rights to end collecting two million. It’s a huge difference and surely they will miss the aid.”



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