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13 Aug 2012
Lights and shadows after the pre-season matches completed by Deportivo; RCDLC.com analyzes the main conclusions of a team that’s targeting the permanence at Primera División.

Deportivo ended the pre-season stage with the dispute of the Teresa Herrera 2012; Oltra’s team played nine games on the pre-season and is now ready to face the competition at Primera División. Truly the team left several doubts in the major part of those nine matches, but it’s also true that the performance against Atletico Madrid calmed some of the worries.

It’s now time to make the analysis and obtain the conclusions from the performance of the team. In the following lines RCDLC.com analyzes what Deportivo did on the pre-season building up a list of conclusions dividing the issues in two departments: the positive (lights) and negative (shadows) things.

1- The veterans: With the signings still adapting, the veterans are the ones carrying out with the weight of the team and should be the references in liga, at least for the start of the tournament. Riki was one of the Pichichis at the team with three goals in favour and is the most in-form attacker at the team. Valerón disappears at times during the games, but his class could be determinant, while Aranzubia is a reference at the goal. Manuel Pablo is leaving several doubts, but to notice that he was the player with more minutes on the pre-season.

2- Bruno Gama: Guardado was chosen as the best player of the past season and his exit is leaving a vacuum, everyone expected that Bruno Gama was going to fill that spot and the Portuguese winger is fulfilling the expectations. On the pre-season Deportivo scored twelve goals and Bruno participated in five of those goals, scoring three times and giving two assists. Definitely Depor will search for him during the regular competition.

3- Second year of Oltra: The second years it’s always easier. The players staying from last season already know Oltra’s style, both on the training pitch and during the official matches, so they’re aware of what he wants and this was noticed during the major part of the games as the Galician side played keeping the same philosophy of having the ball possession, therefore there’s no need of an adaptation period, which is important in order to have a solid start. To recall that two seasons ago one of the causes for the relegation with Lotina was the poor start in liga as Depor only picked four points within the first eight matchdays.

4- Ínsua and Uxío: As it happened last year it isn’t expected that Oltra is going to rely on the players coming from Fabril for the official matches. Still, centre backs Pablo Ínsua and Uxío Marcos demonstrated that they have enough quality to aspire to the first team. Probably both will stay at Depor B the whole season, but surely the club’s officials are aware that both are rough diamonds that represent the future. Also, to emphasize the presence of left winger Victor Diaz, who was the Fabril’s player with more minutes during the pre-season (378).

5- The Riazor: Last season Deportivo only lost one game at home, actually it only dropped seven points playing on this condition, and now the Riazor is called to be the reference for the league competition. Depor was coming after some grey games on the pre-season, but left a positive impression in its only game at home facing a European champion –Atletico Madrid- Definitely the team is going to show its better face at home. Besides, the fact of almost reaching the mark of 25,000 socios at this point invites to think that Depor will be once again strengthened by the fans’ support during the clashes at the Riazor.

1- The performance on the pre-season: No one liked the performance of the team during the pre-season matches; the Galicians only clinched one convincing victory (5-0 Vs. Viveiro), the rest were narrow victories over low league rivals, without forgetting the 1-4 defeat before Sporting Gijón and the grey impressions left before Primera rivals as Sevilla (0-2) and Pacos de Ferreira (0-2). At least the image was washed away a little during the clash with Atletico Madrid.

2- The defense: Definitely the sector leaving more doubts is the defense; ten goals were allowed in nine games and beyond the numbers it always looked insecure. Ze Castro is injured, Roderick seems too green, Aythami isn’t convincing with his performance and Marchena has just arrived. The worst part is at the sides as Evaldo seems out of place, Manuel Pablo isn’t the same player of the past and Laure is injured. It invites to think that Aranzubia is going to have a busy year. Truly this is the worst section of the team.

3- Missing a fixed lineup: Last year Oltra found a starting lineup during the pre-season, but this picture in now changing; this year the Valencian coach opted in distributing the minutes among the players, in this sense men called to be reserves like Saul, Bodipo and Seoane enjoyed of several opportunities. The result is that only Aranzubia plus some men in attack –Valerón, Riki and Gama- seem to have a fixed spot. It could be a disadvantage for the first matchdays.

4- The injuries: The problems with the injuries have continued; it isn’t a large number but surely it has affected the preparation of the team. The concerns are left winger Diogo Salomão and centre back Ze Castro, duo that missed the whole pre-season due to injury reason; for this reason they will need time in order to enter into the coach’s plans. Also, Laure  suffered an inopportune shoulder injury and will miss the debut in liga.

5- The signings: Depor has completed eight signings so far and the true is that no one had a deep impact on the pre-season. Camuñas is just arriving, André Santos seems lost at midfield, Roderick left a lot of doubts, Oliveira is promising but didn’t score any goal on the pre-season, while Evaldo isn’t solving the problems at the left-back position. Marchena will add things but he needs time, the same can be said of Abel Aguilar and the new arrival with the better performance was Pizzi, though his only contribution was an assist in nine matches. It’s expected that the signings will add things throughout the season, but for now it gives the impression that the weight will be on the shoulders of the veterans, at least within the first matchdays.



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