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13 Aug 2012
Five wins, three defeats and one draw for Deportivo during the pre-season 2012/13; Riki and Bruno Gama were the top scorers, while Manuel Pablo was the man with more minutes on the stage before the Primera campaign.

Time to check the statistics of Deportivo on the pre-season stage; Oltra’s team played nine matches clinching five victories: 5-0 Vs. Viveiro CF, 1-0 Vs. RC Vilálbes, 1-0 Vs. SD Ponferradina, 1-0 Vs. CD Lugo and 1-0 Vs. CD Ourense.

The three defeats were suffered against Sporting Gijón (1-4), Pacos de Ferreira (0-2) and Sevilla CF (0-2), while the lonely draw was the 2-2 facing Atletico Madrid during the Teresa Herrera. The team scored twelve goals (five in the first half and seven in the second) allowing ten (six in the first part and four in the second).

Regarding the players, twenty-eight men took part of the nine pre-season meetings, five of them were players from  Fabril –Marc Martinez, Uxio, Ínsua, Marcos Caridad and Victor Diaz- Only three players from the first team missed to participate on the matches, the first two are injured Diogo Salomão and Ze Castro, and the third is new signing Javier Camuñas, who is joining the team on next week.

Oltra distributed the minutes between his players, so almost all the men played for at least 200 minutes, the exceptions were striker Nélson Oliveira (181) and centre back Carlos Marchena (45), two of the three latest signings joining the team.

The player with more minutes on the pre-season was captain Manuel Pablo (486), the Canarian right-back played in the nine games disputed in the stage, though only three times as a starter. There were other four players that took part of all the matches of the pre-season: centre midfielder Álex Bergantiños (448 minutes), left winger Pizzi (440), right winger Bruno Gama (417) and striker Riki (404). The youngster with more minutes was left winger Victor Diaz (8 games, 378 minutes).

Riki and Bruno Gama were the Pichichis of the team with three goals in favour; the Portuguese winger was the best assistor with two passes materialized into goals. Curiously a defender from Depor B, Pablo Ínsua, was the third best scorer with two goals added to his tally.



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