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24 Aug 2012
Former Depor’s striker Lassad Nouioui has finally spoke to the media; the Tunisian attacker told to Terra Deportes that he’s upset and that he didn’t renew with Deportivo because the offer was too low. He’s currently searching for a new club.

After months of gossips and rumors that were linking him with clubs in Europe and Asia, Lassad Nouioui has finally spoke to the media. The Tunisian attacker gave an interview to journalist Tomas Magaña from Terra Deportes He’s very upset because the renewal offer presented by Depor was lowering his expectations and he even felt insulted.

The striker said that, “My agent and I didn’t accept the proposition coming from Depor, because the offer was too low. I do believe that the club didn’t make an effort in the attempt to see me staying. I wanted to stay; I said it to everybody before, but not under any condition. There’s one thing called respect.”

“I can’t be one of the players with more minutes, besides been the top-scorer, and sign a renewal contract earning less money than the half of the team. At least I want to earn the same than the rest… but there were players earning three or four times more than me. There are things happening in football that can’t be explained. In recent years Depor has lost very important players: Lopo, Juan Rodriguez, Adrian… now Colotto and Guardado are gone too.” He added.

Now, Lassad is searching for a new destiny, though he doesn’t have a concrete offer, “I am 26 and don’t want to go to a lower league. I want a solid sporting project, and it isn’t only a matter of money. I would love to play in Spain, Germany, England or France. I won’t return to Depor; I spent five wonderful years there, I keep good memories and people treated me well, but sometimes you have to take care of yourself.”

Augusto César Lendoiro responded quickly to the declarations of Lassad; he denied to have presented a low renewal offer to the striker as he said that, “We offered the triple to Lassad and warned his agent that we weren’t going to offer the same conditions in the future. Now I wasn’t aware of these declarations and won’t offer the same to the player, because we spent months without knowing of him.”

Lassad arrived to Deportivo B for the season 2007/08 and left a positive impression, one year later he debuted with the first team and became a member of the first team for the campaign 2009/10.  Las year at Segunda the Tunisian was the striker with more minutes on the pitch, and was also the Pichichi of Deportivo scoring fourteen goals in liga, plus other four in Copa Del Rey.



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