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25 Aug 2012
The return to Primera División is making things more difficult for the four Galician players at the first team. If last season only Álex and Juan Dominguez were normal starters for the present campaign, now the competence is bigger.

Deportivo is back at Primera División and it means a much higher level of competition compared to the one found at Liga Adelante on the past year. And the first ones to notice this are the four Galician players at the first team, especially taking in mind that only two of them were regular starters with Deportivo at Segunda División.

These two players are centre midfielders Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez. Both were part of the starting team at the end of the Segunda tournament; actually Álex was the only field player in the league that took part of the 42 matchdays in the league, even imposing a record of minutes at the club (3,589). Meanwhile, Dominguez was a substitute at the beginning, but eventually gaining a place at the starting eleven after the Galician derby of the first round.

But things are changing now, the first team was reinforced with one Portuguese and one Colombian centre midfielders: André Santos and Abel Aguilar, which turns the number of players for the position to five taking into account the presence of Jesús Vázquez.

For matchday 01, Oltra picked four of the five centre midfielders leaving Vázquez out of the list, and only Juan Dominguez was a starter performing for the full game, while Bergantiños entered for the final minutes replacing Valerón.

It was only the opening match, but it gives a hint of what could happen in the rest of the season, because Depor’s coach seems to have found a starting couple with the combination Dominguez-Aguilar, with Álex and André Santos entering as replacements in order to cover any problem or casualty.

Álex is pretty aware of his new status at the team, as he stated to Depor Sport on the past week, ”It’s pretty clear that our ambitions are always to play the larger number of minutes, but I´m conscious that it will be almost impossible to repeat the same thing of the past year. To have continuity, the luck of been able to play for so many minutes, it will be hard.”

” I´m realistic; I know that we´re going to play at Primera and that quality people had been signed. I’ll only try to do my best, taking advantage of the opportunities and the circumstances of the competition; the moments on the season will put everybody on their place.” He added.

Similar was the speech of Juan Dominguez when he was interviewed before la liga kick-off, ”These years there are more players for my position and it will be more difficult. I´ve to fight, as always, but don’t know what’s going through the coach’s mind. Every year is tough; you always need to yield at the top in order to enter into the starting eleven. I played many games on last season and the coach already knows me and that’s a benefit, because I am not starting from zero, though we all have the same opportunities.”

Last season the number of Galicians at the first team was five, but the exit of Pablo Álvarez reduced the short list to four. The other two Galician players staying at the first team are: right back Diego Seoane and playmaker Juan Carlos Real, but they will hardly have too many chances; actually it won’t be surprised if both youngsters leave the team before the end of the transfer window, this in order to get minutes elsewhere, just as it happened with David Rochela, who is now loaned at Racing Santander.

On the previous season that Depor spent at Primera -2010/11- there were five Galician players at the team, and no one earned a spot at the starting formation of Lotina. In that opportunity Juan Dominguez was the Galician player with more minutes (1,003), though he only made nine appearances as a starter. During the full stage with Lotina only two Galician players performed for 1,000 or more minutes in one single liga tournament: Adrián López ‘Piscu’ (2007/08) and Pablo Álvarez (2008/09 & 2009/10).



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