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04 Sep 2012
As always Depor’s president responded to the inquiries of reporters during the presentation of a new signing; in this opportunity he talked after the presentation of Tiago Pinto. The issues with Seoane, Juan Carlos and Klasnić were the main topics.

Interesting press conference of Augusto César Lendoiro after the presentation of Tiago Pinto; Depor’s boss talked of the players that didn’t want to leave during the transfer window an also of the case of Klasnić, who was close to join the club at the last minute of the transfer window.

The main issue was the situation of Juan Carlos Real. The playmaker couldn’t leave loaned to SD Huesca and Lendoiro seemed upset; now the youngster is staying and will play at Fabril without having the opportunity to train with the first team, something that the media has interpreted as a punishment to the player.

Lendoiro stated that, “Juan Carlos didn’t want to leave; if he would have accepted the deal then he would have earned more than what he’s getting on here. Juan Carlos has missed a great opportunity. Huesca wanted him and it would have been a great opportunity. That’s the only reality. If people want to believe in him that’s fine [the player blamed the club for the failure of his exit], but Huesca really wanted him and the player is missing a great chance.”

“Hercules didn’t want to sign Juan Carlos, but Huesca was interested. He missed the chance. There’s people that can’t assume that’s impossible to earn more than 100,000 Euros in Spanish football. Other players didn’t want to go out, so the doors of the first team are closed to Juan Carlos.” He added.

Similar is the case with Diego Seoane; the president explained that the club didn’t allow the exit of the side defender in a loan spell as the player didn’t accept a three-year renewal, “Seoane was inscribed as a B player, because there was no room for him at the first team and we wanted to leave an empty slot in case of getting a striker. He will remain training with the first team. He should have accepted the exit; it happened before with Álex and now with Rochela. Off course we trust in Seoane, for that reason we offered him the extension of his contract. We want to see Seoane renewing and going out loaned. These players need to play, so it’s negative for them to stay here.”

Lendoiro also explained what happened with Christian Stuani, who passed the medicals and one day later was flying off and signing for RCD Espanyol, “Stuani was coming loaned and suddenly it seems that someone bought his rights and the players flied from here. Nobody on here has made fun of Depor; until the papers are signed nothing is for granted.”

Then, Deportivo’s president admitted the interest in Ivan Klasnić and assured that he was close to join the club, “There was an initial agreement with Klasnić, but later the player tried to impose other conditions at the moment of the signing. Still, the option isn’t ruled out. We do manage other options and there still time. There’s no need for hurries in order to bring that white blackbird.”

Finally, Lendoiro criticized the case of the players that didn’t want to leave the club despite knowing that they don’t count for coach Oltra, “There were players out of Oltra’s plans that didn’t do their best in order to go out. They seem settled on here. They don’t count and they know it, but we have to respect their contracts; in any case these players prefer to be at the stands rather than to play football.”



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