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05 Sep 2012
Tough situation for the last two youngsters coming out of Fabril; the playmaker is returning to the B squad after his failed exit to Huesca; the side defender didn’t want to renew and the club blocked any possibility of a loan spell.

It was expected that both Juan Carlos Real and Diego Seoane were going to be loaned out during the transfer window that has just ended, but they stayed at the club as well as the other players that didn’t count for coach José Luis Oltra.

The plan of the club was to loan out Juan Carlos to SD Huesca at Segunda División, a perfect destiny for the 21-year-old playmaker, but the deal never materialized; at the beginning it was commented that the player had his issues as he wants to continue with his studies [architecture], but later it was clarified that this situation was fixed.

The real problem was the contract of the player. Something that was explained by journalist Marco Antonio Sande from Radio Cadena COPE. The player was under contract with Depor B, in order to allow his exit on a loan deal Depor was forced to sign a professional contract with the player, which means to start earning, at least, €100,000 per season, which is a higher amount compared  to the current salary of the youngster.

The club was also forced to pay €24,000 to the LFP for the process, Lendoiro wanted the player to assume this cost, which in any case would mean to earn more money than what he currently earns at Depor and besides the operation meant to play in a higher league, but the agents refused to assume this cost and the operation was delayed.

But in any case this difference was fixed in the last day of the transfer window [August 31]; here’s where the controversy begins, because apparently Juan Carlos was phoned at 10PM asking him to go to Plaza de Pontevedra in order to sign the papers, but the player arrived until 12:05 AM, too late as the transfer window was already closed. Meanwhile, the player argued that he received the call from his agent until midnight.

President Lendoiro was furious and blamed the player for the failure in the operation, on Monday’s Depor boss said that, “Juan Carlos didn’t want to leave; if he would have accepted the deal then he would have earned more than what he’s getting on here. Juan Carlos has missed a great opportunity. Huesca wanted him and it would have been a great opportunity. That’s the only reality. If people want to believe in him that’s fine, but Huesca really wanted him and the player is missing a great chance.”

Now Juan Carlos will return to Deportivo B and will play at Tercera División, same scenario of the past season, though on this opportunity he won’t be training with the first team has it happened on last Segunda season. Some journalists believe that this is a punishment to the player. Apparently the club prohibited Juan Carlos to speak to the media, but the player was interviewed during the weekend by website A Xogada.

In the interview the playmaker said that it wasn’t his fault the failure of his exit to Huesca, ”On August 30 they told me that everything was almost fixed and later didn’t know anything  else until the market was closed. I was open to go to Huesca, but in the end, I guess, both clubs didn’t reach an agreement. My agent called me at 12:05 AM in order to go to the club’s headquarters, because things still could have been fixed, but once there Ernesto Bello told me that nothing more can be done. Now I will start to train with Fabril. I will only think of that. I will try to help my partners in order to complete a solid season.”

The other failed exit was Diego Seoane; in this case it was expected that the player was going to stay at Deportivo. The contract of the 24-year-old right-back ends on June of 2013 and the intention of the club was to sign a three-year renewal and later loan him out to a Segunda club. But since the player and his agent –Teo Lázaro- didn’t want to renew then Deportivo didn’t search for a destiny to him.

Lendoiro explained this case on Monday, “Seoane was inscribed as a B player, because there was no room for him at the first team and we wanted to leave an empty slot in case of getting a striker. He will remain training with the first team. He should have accepted the exit; it happened before with Álex and now with Rochela. Off course we trust in Seoane, for that reason we offered him the extension of his contract. We want to see Seoane renewing and going out loaned. These players need to play, so it’s negative for them to stay here.”

Now Seoane will probably leave for free on next year, and will stay at the first team on this season been the sixth side defender at Oltra’s team, which means that he will hardly have minutes on this liga tournament. The player was even inscribed as a Fabril’s player as there was no enough room at the first team, his agent Teo Lázaro has asked for a meeting with Lendoiro as he didn’t like to see his represented inscribed as a B team member.

These are just two new cases in the complex relation of the club with its youngsters; in past years the club even ended at the courthouse in the attempt to solve  disputes with players like Piscu and Fabricio. But it’s also fair to remember that other cases like the one of Álex Bergantiños, David Rochela and Juan Dominguez had a much more happy ending.



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