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06 Sep 2012
Juan Carlos Valerón gave an interview to FIFA.com and analyzed the challenges for Deportivo now that the Galician club has returned to Primera División. He said that the club must consolidate the project in the league.

After thirteen years in the club, playmaker Juan Carlos Valerón is now a symbol of Deportivo; the Canarian is considered a reference at the team and he’s one of the squad’s captains. He gave an interview to FIFA.com and analyzed the challenges of Deportivo in its return to Liga BBVA.

He started explaining the goal of Depor for the new season, "Our goal and our hope is to keep the team at Primera. We must focus on consolidating the project on this level; we must settle at once. The beginnings are always complicated because new people arrive. You need to see everybody understanding the ideas of the coach, to see them assimilating the concepts and the philosophy. I think that so far everything is going quite well, because people are very committed in helping the team, which is important. So we must follow the same path. "

About the season that Depor spent at Segunda, the playmaker refused to describe the league as ‘hell’, the common description used by other players, "I would not use that term, but certainly it’s a very difficult league. You have to work long and hard. You end out facing very complicate situations. We lived them, especially early in the tournament. This league presents a different kind of pressure compared to Primera and is almost harder. In addition, each year the level is rising; football at Segunda is getting stronger and it means a competitive challenge, nicer and more demanding. "

Valerón explained that he’s happy after deciding in staying and help the club in the retuning campaign to the elite of Spanish football, "It was the time to be there and help the team. I am very happy in this city and at this club, with whom I feel much identified. For me there was no choice but to stay. My only thought was to help the team and return to Primera. We all had confidence that we could move up in a year. We took the challenge and we succeeded."

Then the Canarian player said that the beginning of the league has been positive for Deportivo, "The return to Primera was very beautiful and very special. We all had a great desire to play that first game, because it had a great meaning for the Deportivismo after a difficult year for the club and the fans. With much hard work, we clinched the promotion on last year and now we are all eager to return and bring joy to people at Primera."

El Flaco doesn’t expect surprises at the first places of the standings, "I share the general feeling that Real Madrid and Barcelona are again above the other teams. They will return to play for the title. Other teams such as Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla will be there until the end, but will have to fight for the rest of the Champions League spots."

Finally, Valerón admitted that he’s living the last part of his career in football, "I know I'm in the last stretch of my career, but I try to enjoy every moment, to offer my best football in every game and to be at the highest level and continue helping the team. This year, I am doing it from the pitch. I don’t plan more. You can always keep improving, growing and learning. That's what I try to do, always noticing in the Spanish players that perform in my position, because we do have the best in the world."



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