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08 Sep 2012
Javier Camuñas may be the replacement of Bruno Gama for next week’s game against Granada, this in case the Portuguese isn’t recovered. The Madrilenian confessed that he isn’t at his best form, but expects to improve in the coming days.

Left winger Javier Camuñas completed a solid match against Getafe replacing Bruno Gama, who had to be replaced due to an injury; this despite Deportivo missed the victory and that he was playing outside of his natural position. Now, with Gama doubtful for next week’s game against Granada FC, the ex-Villarreal man could have the chance to play his first game as a starter.

But the player himself admits that he isn’t at 100% after joining the club just three weeks ago, “My game depend a lot of my physical condition, because I am an explosive player, someone that can unbalance a game in order to help the team. Evidently I am not at my best form, but am glad with my contribution to the team.” He told to reporters during the week.

“In the first two matches the coach didn’t give me too much time, but we grabbed four points and that was the important thing. In the last game I was able to enjoy of more minutes and little by little I am feeling better. I still noticing some issues the day after the games, but I’m content with my performance, because I still know that I can improve.” He added.
The Madrilenian player is aware that he may end playing as a starter against Granada and hopes to be ready for that day, “I´ve found myself better and know that have fifteen days in order to work hard and reach my best form, which will allow me to have an optimal performance and to be what I want to be. When I can match my best level then it will be noticed in my performance, especially in the tactical part. The pause in the league is great for me.”

“It’s always good to have multifunctional players; it’s good for the coach as he has more alternatives, so the fact of having players performing in different positions is good to both the player and he team. I can play at the wing and also at the centre.” He added regarding the possibility to perform on the right wing.

Finally, Camuñas explained his impression after the first two matches played at the Riazor, “It’s an example for everybody. People are supporting the team and you must thank it. It’s stimulating and we hope the team can match the fans’ expectations. We neither can discard to add positive results playing on the road.”



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