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12 Sep 2012
Manuel Pablo is the player at the current team that has spent more time at Depor: 15 years. The right-back analyzed the performance of the defense and expressed his satisfaction with the results of the team in this beginning of season.

Veteran Manuel Pablo is an authority inside the changing room in order to analyze the performance of the team. The Canarian side defender talked with journalists at the press room of Abegondo and analyzed the performance of the defense, sector that has been criticized within the first games in la liga.

He started the explanation saying that, “Sometimes we may be out of place, but this is a general issue. We all are caught by surprise and the defenders are the ones paying the price, though we are a team and the important thing is that the team has corrected the problems within the games.”

“The coach is the one trying to fix the errors of all the players: defenders, midfielders and strikers. We are all here to accept the coach’s ideas and we are aware that this is a matter of everyone, not only of the defenders. When you lost the ball at midfield, then the rivals have enough room to earn our backs as it happened against Getafe. In the second half we weren’t losing the ball, so it was harder for them to unleash a counterattack.” He added.

The Canarian defender continued analyzing the performance of the defense in the last game with Getafe, “We knew that they were good in counterattacks, and we were maximizing those plays with our inaccuracies. Sometimes a bad defense is caused by errors in attack or by losing the ball at midfield. They were feeling free, with plenty of spaces and surprised us. In the second half we fixed these errors and it was harder for them.”

In any case Depor’s captain is pretty content with the performance of the team within the first three matches in liga, “The beginning has been solid, we still undefeated and the feelings are positive, though the team needs to fix some things.”

“We are all content with the coach’s proposal. The other day we completed a great second half against Getafe; the pace was high and it gives you a lot of chances to win the matches. We like to have the ball possession. If you have the ball, then you can control the pace of the match, though in the last game it turned to be crazy. Within the last minutes we were accepting the result.”

Finally, Manuel Pablo talked of the whistles of the fans against Lopo, Lafita and Juan Rodriguez, “They were aware it was going to be like this. Lopo made a solid game, the same goes with Lafita. We have a good relation with them and are happy to see them having a good career.”



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