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21 Sep 2012
Second straight defeat for a disappointing Deportivo B; Devesa still searching for a proper scheme and a fixed starting eleven. The team dominates the games but lacks depth and fresh ideas to create scoring opportunities.

Coach Devesa was having the casualties of centre midfielder Richi, right-back Adriá Gallego, striker Luis Fernández and centre midfielder Teles. Centre back Ínsua was back after surpassing a muscular problem. This time the debate was the role of central attacker, because Devesa was playing with a ‘false 9’ leaving both Álvaro Lemos and Álex Pérez sat on the bench.

Marc Martinez was the starting goalie; Iván Garrido performed at the right-back position, Ángel Martinez stayed on the left, while Pablo Ínsua returned in order to join Uxío Marcos at the centre of the defense. Oumar Sidibé joined Adrian Martinez at midfield. Diego Vela attacked from the right wing, Victor Diaz did it from the left, Manuel Romay was the playmaker and Juan Carlos the striker, i.e. the ‘false 9’.

A Coruña-based club Órdes SD was the rival for the game; the team coached by José Ignacio Fernández was arriving after a poor start, with only one point added in three games, but regaining the presence of winger Esteban Capelo, a former player of Deportivo Juvenil A that was injured. Veteran attacker Carlos Padín was also part of the starting formation; he played with Depor at Primera in the past. His companion was Ignacio Fernandez ‘Nacho’, who was going to be a crucial piece throughout the game.

Disastrous game for a Deportivo B that lacked of everything in a match that should have been more comfortable; the main worry is that new coach José Luis Devesa hasn’t found yet a formation that satisfies his expectations; after the experiments at the playmaker’s role he now opted to test Juan Carlos as a false nine, a figure that became popular in the last Euro with Spain, but that didn’t solve the fluidity problems at the centre of the pitch.

And it’s that despite having the ball possession for several moments on the game the true is that Depor B never created any harm to local keeper Mario Barreiro. Devesa was playing for the first time with his two starting wingers, Victor and Vela, but there was no depth, mainly as the team lacked ideas and looseness to open up a well planted rival.

It could be argued that the experiment of the ‘false 9´failed, but the point is that it’s hard to confirm it as Juan Carlos barely touched the ball. In the other hand Órdes was much more effective with a more simple approach, relying on the moves of Capelo and Cabrejo on the wings, but especially  in the connection between Nacho and Padín.

In this sense it wasn’t surprising to see the local team having the best chances in the first part; the first was a shot of Padin that missed the target (4’) and the second a one-on-one play between the ex-Depor attacker and Marc Martinez that was solved by Fabril’s goalie (29’). Meanwhile, the visitors were unable to complete a shot on target.

Neither was surprising to see Devesa switching the draw at half-time; he replaced Uxio with Álex Pérez and Fabril started to play a 3-4-3; the locals were still having the ball possession, but they were also facing the same problems of the first part as there was no depth and neither accuracy with the passes.

It seemed that things were going to change after local defender Jose Luis Cea was sent off with two yellow cards; Fabril had one more player but instead it ended allowing two goals. The first one in a corner-kick action coming from the right; Padin released the cross, Cabrejo headed the ball at the near post and Nacho found it at the far post to score the goal from close range as Iván Garrido slipped in front of him.

The goal fired the desperation among both  the players and Devesa, Álvaro Lemos entered for Victor switching the draw into a 4-4-2 and the striker was going to miss a clear chance for his team, Jorge Cano entered later for Diego Vela and the winger also wasted a great chance.

And Órdes was going to sentence the game at the last minute in a long and collective play that meant seven touches between the locals players, the action ended with Álvaro Varela assisting Nacho, who was going to score his second goal in the game drilling the ball under the body of Marc Martinez.

Devesa continues to face several problems trying to find the proper lineup for Depor B and the team suffered its second straight defeat in liga. The team lacks ideas and depth in attack and it’s too soft at defense. The result leaves Fabril at mid-table, now eight points behind leaders Racing Ferrol. On Sunday the team will try to bounce back as it host CD As Pontes at Abegondo (17h30 CET)

Comments of Devesa: ”We still dealing with the same problem. The team dominated and was fine. The first part was the best I saw from Fabril on this season, this regarding both the building of the plays and the output of the ball, but we are still missing the virtue of creating scoring opportunities. They scored in a set-piece, since that point we were anxious.”

Órdes: (4-2-3-1) Mario - Álex Castro, Rubén, Antonio, Cea - Marcos García (Baleato 46’), Alvarito - Capelo (Jesús Torres 67’), Padín, Cabrejo (Dani Regos 89’) - Nacho
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Marc Martínez - Iván González, Uxío (Álex Pérez 46’), Insua, Ángel - Adrián, Sidibé - Vela (Jorge Cano 76’), Romay, Víctor (Lemos 67’) – Juan Carlos
Goals: 1-0: (59’) Ignacio Fernández ‘Nacho’, 2-0: (90+1’) Ignacio Fernández ‘Nacho’
Referee: Del Río Amor. He showed yellow card to Álex Castro and Romay. Cea was sent off (64’).
Venue: Vista Alegre (400)
Stats: Attempts to score (6 – 5); Corner-kicks (1 – 4); Fouls committed (13 – 9)




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