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29 Sep 2012
Deportivo have only won twice visiting Real Madrid and playing for la liga, curiously both previous victories occurred early on the season and with the team scoring before half-time. Both were big shockers taking in mind the circumstances.

Time to remember the previous victories of Deportivo visiting Real Madrid for la liga; off course the big wins of the Centenariazo and the one for the Supercopa in 2005 are the most resounding triumphs of Depor at the Santiago Bernabéu, but both wins clinched in liga also had a big merit.

Starting with the 2-1 victory achieved on the season 1955/56; it was a big shocker at Primera División; at the time Depor had lost five times after seven matchdays, though neither Real Madrid had a strong start as it already had lost three matches. The point is that the team coached by Jose Villalonga was full of stars like Di Stefano, Miguel Muñoz or Paco Gento, a team that was going to conquer the first European title later on that same season.

Meanwhile, Depor was coached by Rodrigo Vizoso and among the players at the first team were Arsenio Iglesias, Marcelino Fernandez ‘Tino’ and Manuel Fernandez ‘Pahiño’, who was going to score both goals. The game was described as a weird clash in which Depor struck at the precise moment, first one minute before the break and later at the last stretch of the clash and just five minutes after the Madrilenians scored the equalizer.

It turned to be a very important victory for Deportivo, because at the end of the tournament the Galician team ended just one point above relegation, while the Madrilenians ended third, then points behind champions Athletic Bilbao.

Pahiño celebrating one of the goals in the historic 1-2 victory at the Bernabéu

Real Madrid: Berasaluce, Becerril, Marquitos, Navarro, Miguel Muñoz, Zarraga, Molowny, Pérez Paya, Di Stefano, Rial, Gento. Coach: José Villalonga.
Deportivo: Otero, Rodolfo, Tomás, Irusquieta, Botana, Juananco, Arsenio Iglesias, Bazán, Pahiño, Lechuga, Tino. Coach: Rodrigo Vizoso.
Date:  30/Oct/1955
Goals:: 0-1: (44') Pahiño, 1-1: (70') Rial, 1-2: (75') Pahiño.
Referee: Tamarit

The second victory at the Bernabéu arrived at matchday 06 of the season 2004/05; curiously neither the Super Depor of Arsenio Iglesias nor the Champions League team of Javier Irureta were able to win in liga at this stadium, instead the team that achieved the victory was a “flat” Depor that was only able to end 8th at the standings and that marked the end of Irureta’s era at the club.

In front it was the Real Madrid living the era of Los Galacticos, but that was going to end the season without clinching any title, tough big names were part of the team: Zidane, Figo, Roberto Carlos, Raul and Beckham. The Madrilenians ended the liga campaign as the runners-up, four points behind FC Barcelona.

The true is that it was a suffered match for Depor; Real Madrid always had the ball possession (61% in the ninety minutes) and completed 27 shots, but Molina and a solid defense stopped everything, and the Galicians just needed 5 shots plus a long pass of Pandiani and a long run of Albert Luque to score the lonely goal in the match. Once again Deportivo scored a goal just a minute before the half-time mark, which seems to be the key in order to conquer the victory there.

Luque celebrates the goal in front of Real Madrid’s fans

Real Madrid: Iker Casillas - Míchel Salgado, Helguera, Samuel, Roberto Carlos - Figo, Celades (Raúl Bravo 81'), Beckham, Zidane - Raúl, Owen (Morientes 51').  Coach: Mariano García Remón.
Deportivo: Molina - Manuel Pablo, César, Andrade, Capdevila - Duscher, Sergio - Luque (Munitis 74'), Valerón (Fran 87'), Víctor (Scaloni 61') - Pandiani.  Coach:  Javier Irureta.
Date: 03/Oct/2004 (21h00)
Goal: 0-1: (45') Luque
Referee: Teixeira Vitienes. He showed yellow card to Figo (45'), Zidane (63'), Samuel (79'), Michel Salgado (84') and Manuel Pablo (88').



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