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05 Oct 2012
Carlos Marchena is deportivo-la.coruna.com player of September; the Andalusian defender is one of the three players at the team that have played all the possible minutes in liga and is now the leader at Depor’s defense.

New season for the RCDLC.com Player of the Season Award; the rules haven’t changed at the peña; each member has the option to vote for the best three players in the official games of Depor; the votes are added and according to the team’s global performance the players get points, which later are accumulated; the winner is the player with more votes at the end of the regular season.

Many people were doubting when Deportivo announced the signing of Carlos Marchena, some didn’t like his past linked with Valencia CF, others thought he was too old and even too controversial, but in just two months he turned to be the leader of Depor’s defense and a fixed starter for Oltra. Actually, he, Evaldo Fabiano and Abel Aguilar are the only three players that have disputed all the possible minutes after the six first liga matchdays.

The peña members of RCDLC.com have noticed his job and the Andalusian defender was part of the more voted players in three of the four matches disputed in September, reason why he’s the player of the month, the first on this season.

Despite the loss at home against Sevilla CF the peña members liked his work and Marchena was named as the best player in that game, one week before he was the second more voted man during the visit to Granada CF, in this game the most voted player was Nélson Oliveira, who scored the goal and also hit the crossbar in a polemic ghost goal that didn’t count.

Early in the month, the ex-Valencia man turned to be the fourth player with more votes during the home clash against Getafe CF, in this occasion the player of the game was Riki.  The only match in which Marchena wasn’t part of the top list was in the heavy defeat against Real Madrid, in this last clash the man of the match was Aranzubia, followed by Abel Aguilar and Riki.

Ratings on the month:

Vs Getafe (01/09/12) 
1st Riki - 7 points
2nd Pizzi - 5 points
3rd Aguilar - 3 points
4th Marchena - 1 point
PV: Laure +1 pt
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 


Vs Granada (16/09/12) 
1st Oliveira - 5 points
2nd Marchena - 3 points
3rd Bruno Gama - 1 point
Collective Note: 1 (Poor)


vs Sevilla (24/09/12) 
1st Marchena - 7 points
2nd Valeron - 5 points
3rd Evaldo, Aguilar - 2 points
4th. Aranzubia - 1 point
NV: Aythami, Juan Dominguez
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 


Overall: Abel Aguilar is the current leader in the race for the RCDLC.com Player of the Season Award; the Colombian midfielder is almost doubling the points of another new signing: Pizzi, who is second at the table; Marchena is third after his solid run in September, just one point above Madrilenian striker Riki.

Overall Table
1st Abel Aguilar 22pts
2nd Pizzi 14pts
3rd Marchena 11pts
4th Riki 10pts
5th Bruno Gama 7pts
6th Oliveira 6pts
7th Valeron 5pts 
7th Aranzubia 5pts
9th Manuel Pablo 4pts
10th Aythami 4pts
11th Evaldo 1pt
11th Laure 1pt
13th Juan Dominguez -1pt




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