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06 Oct 2012
Depor’s coach believes that this isn’t a final and that neither will be an open game; Rayo’s trainer admitted his responsibility in Sunday’s heavy defeat and left an open door in order to train Deportivo in the future.

Francisco ´Paco’ Jémez Martí is a well-known former player of the ‘Super Depor’ team that conquered the Copa Del Rey in 1995, though he didn’t play in the final game against Valencia. He spent five years at Depor and completed 94 appearances at Primera División wearing the Blanquiazul shirt. He also made 21 appearances with Spain’s national team.

Later he played at Real Zaragoza, Rayo Vallecano and then he retired in 2006 at CD Lugo; one year later he started to work as a coach at RSD Alcalá, club that he promoted to Segunda B; later he moved on to Córdoba CF, but only spent nine months there as he was sacked before the end of the season 2007/08. The Canarian trained other two teams, FC Cartagena and UD Las Palmas, this time getting good results, including the promotion of FC Cartagena to Segunda A.

But Jémez was fired from both clubs after suffering negative streaks, and in June of 2011 he was returning for the second time to Córdoba CF.  His team made a solid season and entered into the Segunda playoffs, but was eventually eliminated. Then he signed for Rayo Vallecano, club that’s allowing his debut at Primera División.

This is his third meeting against his old club Deportivo, and is his fifth meting against José Luis Oltra. Both men faced each other on the season 2007/08 as Jémez was completing his first stage with Córdoba and Oltra was fulfilling his first year at Tenerife. Both matches ended in draws (2-2 & 0-0); and on the past campaign Jemez’s Córdoba was defeated twice by Oltra’s Depor (both 2-0).

Depor’s coach gave his press conference on Thursday’s morning; he talked for about twenty-two minutes with reporters; he started analyzing the rival, “We have turned the page and are facing a tough opponent, a daring and dangerous rival that’s the image of its coach; they like to play football and are offensive because they assume the risks, besides they don’t like to win at any possible way, instead what they want is to win and too see the fans enjoying.”

“I think this team will bring a lot of joys to the fans; in terms of statistics the situation is similar to us and it’s difficult to play at Vallecas, so we must do the right things if we want to return home with the three points. It’s going to be complicated.” He added regarding the issue.

Asked if the team is in a hurry to clinch a victory after spending five games winless, the answer was, “There are always hurries in order to win the matches. It was the same on the past week and it is the same now. It would have been good to pick up the three points last week and it will be good to do it now. When you spend more time without winning you have more need, but there’s no pressure as we are only at matchday 07. The group is calm, knowing what we must do. You are always in a hurry, but the game against Rayo isn’t a final.”

The Valencian coach isn’t expecting for an open game despite both Depor and Rayo Vallecano have allowed a lot of goals lately, “In the end both sides want to win the game, so you need to assume risks. He [Paco Jémez] and I are like this. You can preview a match with a lot of alternatives, but later it might be different. We both want to have the ball possession, but I read that there’s only one ball, so I don’t think we will have an open game.”

A journalist asked if André Santos has chances of been a starter, and Oltra just stated that, “Everybody, unless Manuel Pablo, have the chance to play on Saturday. André is working at the top and we have to decide now. After every game you analyze the things and what the rival could do. You think of who should play, and names like Andrés come out, but also the ones of the players that aren’t having chances, like Ayoze or Tiago Pinto.” [In the end André Santos ended out of the list of picked players]

Asked if he’s going to make several changes at the lineup, Depor’s tactician answered that, “No, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t have four changes. I am not saying that there won’t be one, two, three or four modifications, just that if you will allow a revolution then you should choose the right day, and the day you allow a revolution then you should pray it would work, because if it doesn’t then you will end up losing the confidence of people. The true is that I am not unhappy with the performance of the team, just with the last game, but you won’t change seven players just for one game.”

He also stated that he’s happy with the performance of both Ze Castro and Laure, duo that debuted on this season at the Bernabéu, “Both were fine and did things that can be improved; the good thing is that they played a lot of minutes after been out for a while; they were fine in a difficult game, so I understand that they are ready for anything.”

It called the attention that the coach is convinced that his team is strong enough at the moment of defending the game of the rival, this despite the five goals allowed against Real Madrid, “The defensive work starts with the striker and we are fine; I also believe that we are facing the toughest part of the calendar and it can happen that you allow five goals against Real Madrid, two against Sevilla and three against Valencia.“

“I believe it was the same on last year; we allowed a lot of goals at the beginning and there was a debate, but I’m convinced that this is the way to play, though I will love to allow lesser goals. We must continue insisting in order to minimize the errors. We never missed strength in the games; the last day we didn’t show this facet, but it was a punctual thing. I believe the tem is strong enough at defense.” He added.

Finally, Oltra was defending the performance of Juan Dominguez after the latest criticism towards his presence at midfield, “People is impatient, Juan brings a lot of things, more of what people can see. Evidently this is Primera and he’s having a bigger weight compared to his previous season in this league, and I am content with his performance, though it doesn’t mean that he has a secure place for Vallecas. He still can offer a better version, but I am pretty content with his performance.”

Rayo’s coach game his press conference on Friday’s noon; he was hoping to witness a solid performance coming from his players, “I don’t want to see a different team playing at home or on the road. When we are at home the responsibility is to bring back confidence to people that’s wasting their money on us, so we need to please them with good results.”

He’s also hoping that the huge defeat against Real Valladolid isn’t going to affect his team, “We are in a good mood, content and happy, willing to play the game. Normally we are people that forget too soon the defeats and that try to extract conclusions in order to improve ahead of the future.”

Before the press conference Jémez gave an interview to newspapers La Opinión A Coruña and La Voz de Galicia; among the things he said was to admit that the latest big setback against Valladolid was his fault, “It was my responsibility. I told it to my players inside the changing room and later told to reporters at the press room. The 98% of the responsibility in a football game is for the coach, because he chooses who plays and how. Maybe with other draw the team would have had another result, or at least a smaller defeat, but we were too brave and I lost the game; it was my responsibility.”

He also gave his opinion on Deportivo, “They have a lot of new people and have signed a lot of important players, among them Abel Aguilar, who was pretended by us, but they get in the way. I believe they have a solid team, actually it’s better than the one of the past season, because they want to clinch the goal, which I guess is the same one than us, the permanence, and later to see if there’s time for something else.”

The Canarian man was also explaining the goal of Rayo Vallecano for this season, “We want to add the largest number of points that’s possible, so we can reach our goal, which is the permanence. We must have in mind that Rayo has the lowest budget in this league, with a big difference, so the goal is to stay here and we’ll try to achieve it as soon as possible and later to see if we can get something else.”

About his feelings for been facing Deportivo, the former coach of Córdoba said that, “This is a match that I like, because I spent five years of my professional career at that club and there are a lot of things connecting me with the city. At the beginning it’s always a special game, but once the ball is rolling the only thing that I want is to see Rayo winning, making a good game and clinching the victory.”

Finally, Paco Jémez left an open door for a possible arrival to Deportivo as the coach of the first team, “Anybody would be enchanted to coach Deportivo. Firstly for the city, secondly for the fans, and then for the team. In my case I know the club, but don’t know what my faith will be. I’m happy at Rayo and hopefully will stay here for a long time, because I am enchanted in Madrid. The coaches aren’t eternal and let’s see where I end.”



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