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11 Oct 2012
If thereís one position that has been under fire within the last years it is the left-back spot; since the exit of Filipe Luis five players have been signed and no one has done the job. The criticism is bigger now after the latest results.

The left-back position continues to be the centre of the attention due to the defensive problems at Deportivo; since the exit of Filipe Luis in 2010 the club has been unable to find a proper substitute. The last year of Lotina at Depor witnessed the arrival of Paraguayan Claudio Morel and Norway Knut RindarÝy, and the Basque coach ended playing with a right-back, Manuel Pablo, on that position.

Oltraís arrival didnít change the picture; Ayoze Diaz was signed, but he turned to be one of the most criticized players at a team that broke several records at Segunda Divisiůn; in the en  Morel turned to be the starting choice at the last stretch of the season.

For the present season the club signed Brazilian Evaldo Fabiano and Portuguese Tiago Pinto, this last man arrived late and wasnít picked for any of the first seven matches in the league competition. Once again the starting choice of Oltra ĖEvaldo- has been the centre of all the criticism as the fans, and almost the entire media that covers Depor, are already asking for his exit from the lineups.

Unfair or not the true is that there are enough reasons to understand this judgment; the two clearest reasons are: his chaotic tactical display and the effect in the game of the rival. The first is related to the characteristics of the player; the Brazilian is a strong man capable of joining the attacks throughout the ninety minutes without ending exhausted, but he has the tendency to chaos, which means to miss the marks at the moment of moving backwards, a problem that unbalances the defense.

Then to remember that the rivalís coaches are pretty aware of the weaknesses of Oltraís team and often order charges by this side, thatís exactly what happened on the past game with Rayo Vallecano; the Madrilenians focused their attacks on the left and by the 30-minute mark Depor already had allowed two goals through plays generated by the left flank.

Oltra has defended the player in public and despite the criticism he has been the starting choice in the first seven matches in liga. It recalls the situation with Ayoze as it was exactly the same thing that occurred on the past season as the Canarian was constantly criticized due to his performance; Oltra never benched him until something remarkable occurred.

After been the undisputed starter within the first 21 Segunda matchdays, Ayoze was sent off at minute 17 of the home meeting against FC Cartagena after committing a silly foul at midfield. Deportivo won that match, but the Canarian player lost the spot before Morel, in some opportunities he was even out of the list of picked players.

In this sense the present situation looks similar, because after the disastrous performance on the first part against Rayo Vallecano, the Brazilian was replaced after just two minutes in the second half, this since Oltra switched the draw into a 3-5-2. Beyond a tactical modification it looked more like a punishment that could lead to a change.

But it isnít the only problem of a defensive line that looks too soft, and besides thereís the question if thereís a real choice at the squad to replace Evaldo and improve the left side of the defense. After all Ayoze doesnít seems to be a solution to the problem. The third choice for the job is Tiago Pinto, a solution thatís as tempting as uncertain; so far the Portuguese man hasnít even entered into the list of picked players.

Oltra has other two alternatives: Diego Seoane, a right-back used to play at the left, and moving Manuel Pablo to that position, but these are remote options as it will be illogical to replace a player having three natural alternatives for the spot.



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