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15 Oct 2012
Jae Yong Yun aka ´Felix’ is the first Asian players that performs for Deportivo; he’s currently playing at Juvenil A. It’s the second player from Asia that joins the youth teams of the club, and the first that gets some minutes.

Deportivo is searching for new ways of getting young promises and one tempting market has always been Asia, however the barrier of the language and the differences in the cultures are obstacles forcing the club to avoid a direct approach; but since a couple of years the club has found an ally: Club Internacional de la Amistad Palencia.

This club has been running an “International Football Academy” for the past seven years; they get students that are players aged from ten to sixteen years old from different countries, such as Israel, Tanzania, Estonia, Syria, Argentina, Colombia, Russia, South Korea, Greece, Paraguay, Mexico, Senegal and even from Spain itself. These kids attend to school and train to be become professional footballers. The intention is to see them growing up as players, while they adapt to the country learning Spanish and Spain’s costumes.

Some clubs from Spain are already working with Amistad Palencia, and within the last two years Deportivo is seeing this option with good eyes as this institution does the job of preparing the player for what he can meet in the country. On the past year the club got a Spanish kid through this way, Víctor García Frías (17-year-old), though he never managed to debut at Deportivo Juvenil A.

For the present season the club tried again and got two South Korean players. One of them is Jae Yong Yun, who’s 18 and that was hired for Juvenil A. He lives and studies at the Residencia of Liceo in A, away from his family, but encouraged to find a life in football, game that he has been practicing for the past four years.

Yun posing for Depor Sport at Abegondo

Yun is tall and at Amistad Palencia he was used to perform as a right-back/right-winger, but Miguel Gamallo, the youth teams’ coordinator of Depor, liked him and decided to get the player in order to reconvert him into a centre midfielder or a centre back.  On September 23rd, 2012 he became into the first Asian player that performs for any team at the club during an official game, it was as he replaced striker Chiño during the 4-2 win of Juvenil A over Atletico Pérines.

He has been a replacement during the last four matches at División de Honor Juvenil and the coaching staff is satisfied with his performance. It’s too soon to say if he can have a future at Deportivo, but the point is that it isn’t an easy road, mainly for a teenager that’s alone in a foreign country having problems with the language [Yun doesn’t manage yet the Spanish language, at least not perfectly]

Amistad Palencia renamed the player as “Felix”, this since it’s easier to identify the kids using Spanish alias, but at Deportivo everybody knows him as Yun. He isn’t the only South Korean at Deportivo, there’s a second kid at the club: Koo Bonhyeok; who’s 15 and is currently training with Cadete B, though he hasn’t debuted yet as he couldn’t be inscribed for the competition. In any case these are very structured ways of preparing players for the future, and perhaps in the near future an Asian player could be debuting at the first team, and it could be directly from the youth teams.



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