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16 Oct 2012
Deportivo is meeting FC Barcelona for the first time in two years; the following article revisits five of the most important home games against the Catalans played at the Riazor, from the biggest triumph over Barca to the latest victory.

The next meeting in liga represents one of the toughest challenges for Oltra’s team on this season: the visit of FC Barcelona. Historically the Catalans have visited the Riazor in 46 opportunities (41 in liga and 5 in Copa Del Rey).  Depor only clinched 18 victories in those games (17 in liga and 1 in Copa). The following is a resume of the best games played by Depor hosting Barca, curiously four of the five matches on the list took place in October.

Season 1949/50: Deportivo 3 – Barcelona 0. It was a special year for Deportivo; at the time the team was known as “orquesta canaro” due to the attractive football practiced by a squad coached by Argentine Alejandro Scopelli, a team that was going to end as the runners-up at Primera División, an historic outcome only repeated 60 years later in the era of the Super Depor.

Among the great results achieved by this team was a 3-0 victory at the Riazor playing against a Barcelona that ended fifth at the standings and that had players like historic goal-scorer César. It’s the biggest win ever achieved by Depor playing in a league competition against the Catalans. The same team repeated the result on the season 1953/54 though it was in Copa Del Rey (3-0); curiously it wasn’t enough to avoid the elimination.

Dagoberto Moll scored the first goal in that game; he was later sold to Barcelona together with Luis Suárez

Deportivo: Acuña, Pedrito, Ponte, Botana, Martín Rodriguez, Guimerans, Marquinez, Moll, Franco, Juanete, Tino. Coach: Alejandro Scopelli.
Barcelona: Velasco, Alfonso Navarro, Calvet, José Gonzalvo, Mario Gonzalvo, Cervero, Basora, Seguer, César, Marcos Aureli, Canal. Coach: Enrique Fernández
Goals: 1-0: (40') Moll, 2-0: (62') Marquinez, 3-0: (85') Tino.
Referee: J. Rivero.
Date: October 2, 1949

Season 1992/93: Deportivo 1 – Barcelona 0. The year the Super Depor was born. Many people remember the 3-2 win over Real Madrid coming back from a 0-2, many analysts believe it was the exact birthday of Arsenio Iglesias’ Super Depor, but only a few remember that in that same season Deportivo also defeated Barcelona at the Riazor. It was the first victory over the Catalans in 26 years.

So it wasn’t any other game, after all the Catalan team, coached by Johan Cruyff, was going to earn the title in la liga only losing five games in the entire season; one year before Barca had conquered the Champions League –at the time known as "European Champion Clubs' Cup- 

Bebeto scored four goals in his career against Barca; in the photo he’s about to score before Zubizarreta

Deportivo: Liaño, Albistegui, Lopez Recarte, Ribera, Djukic, Nando Martinez, Mauro Silva, Fran, Aldana, Claudio (Mujica 73'), Bebeto (Villa J. 83').  Coach: Arsenio Iglesias
Barcelona: Zubizarreta, Albert Ferrer, Koeman, Goicoechea, Guardiola, Baquero (Eusebio 57'), Amor, Nadal, Stoichkov, Laudrup, Beguiristain. Coach: Johan Cruyff.
Goals: 1-0: Bebeto (63').
Referee: Diaz Vega. He showed yellow card to Ribera, Djukic, Fran; Stoichkov, Laudrup and Eusebio
Date: October 17, 1992

Season 1999/2000: Deportivo 2 – Barcelona 1. The year of the liga title was crowned with sixteen victories at the Riazor; one of them over Barcelona with Makaay scoring a brace within the first fifteen minutes. The victory could have been bigger, but keeper Arnau made several key saves. Later Rivaldo, who left Depor in order to win titles, scored for the Catalans. Barca ended second on that season, just behind Irureta’s Deportivo.

Depor’s players defending a free-kick during the game

Deportivo: Songo'o, Romero, Naybet, Manuel Pablo, Djalminha, Jokanovic, Mauro Silva, Donato, Turu Flores (Fernando 75'),  Víctor (Scaloni 87'), Makaay (Pauleta 73'). Coach: Javier Irureta
Barcelona: Arnau, Sergi, Dehú (Simao 46'), Abelardo (Puyol 46'), Reiziger, Gabri (Ronald De Boer 56'), Cocu, Guardiola, Rivaldo, Dani, Figo.  Coach: Louis Van Gaal.
Goals: 1-0: (1') Makaay, 2-0: (15') Makaay, 2-1: (66') Rivaldo.
Referee: Turienzo Alvarez. He showed yellow card to Mauro Silva, Jokanovic, Víctor, Djalminha; Guardiola, Figo and Puyol.
Date: October 10, 1999

Season 2005/06: Deportivo 3 – Barcelona 3. Depor was no longer a title aspirant and Barca was making the first steps towards their current golden years; it was the third year of Rijkaard in Catalonia and the team had signed players like Eto’o and Ronaldinho, so it wasn’t shocking to see the visiting team clinching a 1-3 advantage in the game, the surprising thing was too see Depor reacting and scoring twice within the final nineteen minutes to end adding a valuable point (3-3). Depor was going to end 8th on that season.

Valerón celebrates the first goal in the game; the lonely goal in his career facing the Catalans

Deportivo: Molina - Manuel Pablo, Coloccini, Andrade (Juanma 34'), Capdevila - Munitis, Sergio, Duscher, De Guzmán - Valerón (Rúben Castro 56'), Tristán (Taborda 53'). Coach: Joaquín Caparrós.
Barcelona: Valdés - Belletti, Puyol, Oleguer, Sylvinho - Márquez (Edmilson 46'), Deco, Iniesta, Giuly (Ezquerro 75') - Ronaldinho, Eto'o. Coach: Frank Rijkaard
Goals: 1-0: (9') Valerón, 1-1: (41'), 1-2: (45') Ronaldinho, 1-3: (51') Ronaldinho (penalty), 2-3: (71') Munitis, 3-3: (86') Rúben Castro.
Referee: Undiano Mallenco. He showed yellow card to Tristán (25'), Molina (51'), Munitis (55'), Coloccini (61'); Márquez (31'), Sylvinho (63'), Giuly (73') and Edmilson (83')
Date: October 15, 2005

Season 2007/08: Deportivo 2 – Barcelona 0. It was the last time Depor defeated FC Barcelona. It was a strange season for the Galician outfit, ending the first round in relegation just to climb to the eighth position at the end of the liga tournament. Barca was facing the game with several substitutes as it was preparing the second-leg of the Champions League semifinal against Manchester United. Lotina’s Depor took advantage of it, though it was hard as Depor could only score the goals within the final 30 minutes.

Pablo Amo celebrates after heading into the net the second goal for Deportivo

Deportivo: Aouate - Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Pablo Amo, Coloccini, Filipe Luis - Juan Rodríguez, De Guzmán - Wilhelmsson (Cristian 82'), Lafita (Verdú 84') - Xisco (Riki 72'). Coach: Miguel Ángel Lotina
Barcelona: Pinto - Zambrotta (Edmilson 68'), Thuram, Puyol, Silvinho - Márquez, Yaya Touré (Deco 56’), Gudjohnsen - Giovani (Ezquerro 78'), Bojan - Henry. Coach: Frank Rijkaard.
Goals: 1-0: (54') Juan Rodríguez, 2-0: (77') Pablo Amo
Referee: Delgado Ferreiro. He showed yellow card to Lafita ( 81'); Sylvinho (61'), Márquez (84'), Edmilson (86') and Deco (87').
Date: April 26, 2008



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