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19 Oct 2012
Oltra seems ready to repeat several of the players of the past game against Rayo Vallecano; there are doubts on midfield and with the man that will perform at the left-back position; as always the coach keeps the 4-2-3-1 figure.

The only casualty for the game is right-back Manuel Pablo; therefore Oltra has plenty of options in order to prepare the lineup for the meeting against Barcelona. It seems clear that the Valencian coach will keep playing with a 4-2-3-1 figure and it’s highly probable that we will trust in several of the men that were part of the last three defeats in liga.

Dani Aranzubia has a secure place at the goal, same things than Laureano Sanabria ´Laure’ at the right-back position. Carlos Marchena and Ze Castro are ready to play at the centre of the defense, and the first doubt in the lineup is to know who will be the left-back defender.

The two players with more options are Ayoze Díaz and Evaldo Fabiano. The Brazilian has been the starting choice within the first seven matches, but many journalists believe he will be benched after his performance against Rayo Vallecano.

But during an interview at Radio Marca, Ayoze admitted that the coach hasn’t give any hint of who is going to be the starter, ”I work hard in order to play and let’s see what happens. You must accept when the coach decides to put another player instead of you. The coach hasn’t told me anything, and I guess we will know who will play until he gives the last speech before the game.”

The second doubt is who will be the starter at midfield, Abel Aguilar has a secure place as he and Marchena are the only men that have disputed all the minutes with the team. The other spot at midfield is between Juan Dominguez and Álex Bergantiños. Dominguez was the starter in the first six games, but then Álex claimed the spot for the visit to Rayo Vallecano, now both Galician players are pushing for the job.

In the last training Oltra was emphasizing the role of Dominguez on the pitch, which could invite to think that he will be the starter. In attack everything seems clear; Valerón should be the guide, with Bruno Gama attacking from the right wing, Pizzi doing it from the left, while Riki has the biggest options of been the central attacker.



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