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24 Oct 2012
After five years the Galician derby returns to Primera División; one decade ago both Celta and Deportivo were fighting for the glory in la liga, now the goals are more modest, but this remains to be a colorful derby.

The Galician derby, also known as “onosoderbi”, is back at Liga BBVA after five years of exile. RC Celta spent half a decade at liga Adelante and returned to the elite of Spanish football together with Deportivo; therefore Balaídos will witness the 61st edition of the derby playing for Primera División.

Playing at Primera, Depor is having the advantage in the series, with 23 victories against 21 of Celta plus 16 draws. In favour of Celta the fact that they have won the last three derbies played at Primera, in favour of Deportivo that Oltra’s side won the two derbies played on last season, plus four of the last six derbies played at Balaídos.

26 of the derbies at Primera were played during the decades of 1940 and 1950, with both clubs fighting to stay alive in the league. After several ups and downs, with both clubs colliding from time to time at the highest level, the Galician derby returned strongly in the decade of 1990. This time both clubs were aspiring to the European positions and the climax came on the season 1999/2000 as the first derby on that campaign was played with Depor as the leader in the league and Celta as the second place.

Things have changed and now both clubs are content with more modest goals, but the Galician derby remains to be a colorful confrontation that still considered as one of five main derbies in Spain. A proof of the richness of the “onoserbi” is presented in the next ten pictures from previous derbies disputed at Primera División:

Primera season 1949/50: 13/Nov/1949: Depor’s Martin Rodriguez misses a goal in a derby played at the Riazor)

Primera season 1992/93: 06/Sept/92: Vicente (Celta), Djukic and Liaño at the Riazor. Depor won 2-0 with goal from Bebeto & Claudio Barragán. That was the first goal of Bebeto at Depor. Tito Vilanova also missed a penalty.

Primera season 1997/98: 09/Feb/98: Renaldo scored a goal in his only derby (2-2 at the Riazor)

Primera season 1998/99: 30/Aug/98: Classical picture with Mauro Silva challenging Mostovoi at Balaídos. The game ended 0-0

Primera season 1999/2000: 18/Dec/99: Depor conquered the title and also defeated Celta at the Riazor (1-0). Turu Flores moments before scoring the winning goal

Primera season 2000/01: 21/Apr/2001: Valerón celebrates the first goal at Balaídos, but later Djorovic & Mostovoi scored to give Celta a 2-1 win

Primera season 2001/02: 30/Sept/01: Depor came from behind transforming a 0-2 at the Riazor into a 2-2. But the only thing remembered from this game was the serious injury of Manuel Pablo

Primera season 2003/04: 03/Jan/04: Unforgettable game at Balaidos as Depor trashed Celta 0-5. Víctor scored a hat-trick

Primera season: 2005/06: 17/Dec/05: Another victory at Balaídos, this time 0-3 with Capdevila scoring the third goal and Depor wearing one of the craziest kits ever

Primera win 2006/07: 19/Nov/2006: The last win of Celta at the Riazor: 0-1. The goal scored by Brazilian Nené



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