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25 Oct 2012
No incidents ahead of Saturday’s Galician derby; both coaches have talked with the media and also some of the players. Even Iago Aspas addressed the public and he was correct with his comments. A peaceful derby, at least outside the pitch.

Things are calmed two days before the Galician derby; the coaches and the players have talked and so far there are no polemic declarations and neither fights. Even Iago Aspas addressed the media and he was very calm during his press conference held on Tuesday.

Depor’s trainer, José Luis Oltra, talked at Radio Galega; for him there are no favourites for the game, "We don't know at this moment where we are going to live at the standings, if at mid-table or in another position. In this kind of games the tactical aspect and the physical state are more important, so there are no favourites. It doesn’t matter how you arrive to the derby, everything is equal and what matters is your mental strength.  It's important, but it isn't the derby of survival, because it’s only matchday 09. The winner will surely go out reinforced, but last year Celta went out reinforced too as they played well in both derbies.”

He is also convinced that Celta isn’t looking for revenge after losing the two derbies of the past season, “I don't think they remember the last two games; last year is already in the past, it’s useless, there is only the present. There are other factors that have an impact and we just need to do the right things. This game is too big and important. It doesn’t matter if one team was first and the other second on the past season. I will try to show the same face of Deportivo, the face that people want to see."

The Valencian man was also praising the work done by Paco Herrera at Celta, “Paco is important at this team, for what he adds to them. He’s the main protagonist for what they have achieved so far. They are playing good football and definitely this is his sign of identity.”

Meanwhile, the players were saying that Deportivo need to win the match after the last four defeats; Laure told to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña that, “We need to add points, because it has been a while since our last win. It’s going to be a pretty game. Both sides propose an attractive game. They have been fine and feel comfortable at home, so it’s going to be complicated.”

The right-back was also calming the fans after Depor allowed five goals on Saturday, “My feeling was that we were highly involved in the game, but the first goal was too quick; it was a play of Jordi Alba where he found a crack at the defense after a great pass. To see a team like Barcelona scoring so early it means a strong hit. But I believe you could notice that we were fine, especially in the second part. It must be the path to follow, to be all together and then try to go out; we need to be calmer having the ball.”

Álex Bergantiños was also saying that Deportivo need the three points, "We need to win, we need to add the three points as we are in relegation; we're going there with the intention of winning. To lose it would mean an important hit against us, but we must remain calm as a lot of things can happen. To win there it would mean a moral boost for what it represents and then we’ll watch the standings in a different way.”

The midfielder also commented on Celta’s potential and on what happened to Iago Aspas on the past season, “Aspas is too temperamental. Perhaps last year that overexcitement forced him to not shine and let’s hope it could be repeated on this season. To manage the overexcitement in the derbies is something attached to the person. In any case Celta have dynamic people that want to be protagonists, always having the ball possession and playing in offense. They are a powerful team that’s making great games at home; we must take the ball away from them, because they suffer when it happens.”

Riki is another player saying that Deportivo must win at Balaídos, “We must focus in winning the derby, a very special game. We must win, yes or yes. We are facing a strong rival at home; they’ve powerful players up front and we’re going there with the intention of adding points, because there’s no other way. We are conscious of what is at stake; we’re living a situation that nobody likes and must pull things forward. The veterans must transmit to the rest the importance of this meeting.”

He was also calling everybody to keep a cold mind ahead of Saturday’s game, “I am a Deportivista, not an anti-Celta. I don’t wish any evil to Celta, but clearly you’re at one side in the picture, and I want to win when we’re playing against them. What we need to do is to control the adrenaline and I hope this game will be a party without any incident.”

Finally, veteran Carlos Marchena thinks the derby will be a balanced game, “In a match like this one I don’t believe there’s more pressure for one team compared to the other one. The desire to win should be the same one. You must learn how to manage this kind of games. You will find of everything, there are derbies that are tactical and nothing happens, others are crazier and in others both rivals respect each other. My recipe is to prepare the game as any other, but thinking that, in an emotional level, it demands more from you.”

Álex Bergantiños during his press conference on Tuesday

At RC Celta, Paco Herrera was resting importance to the latest defeats of Depor, “There are games in which everything escapes from your hands. It can happen to anyone facing Madrid or Barcelona. Knowing José Luis [Oltra], he will fix any problem, because he’s a great coach. He’ll find the way as he always did before.”

“I see that Deportivo has changed for good. Last year they were winning by punch and experience, for their order and tactical work, but missed some magic. This year they’ve more talent. They’ve players like Pizzi, who’s already highly valued, and besides Oliveira; those two players are fantastic. Later they’ve Marchena, who’s good and experienced, bringing depth to the defense” He added

The Catalan coach was also praising his team, “Our young players have grown up, while our veterans are the spinal cord that brings balance to the team, and all the players that have joined the group are from Primera División, and they have been great additions.”

It called the attention that the club from Vigo allowed Iago Aspas to address the media after what happened on last season, but the attacker was correct during his press conference held on Tuesday. He was saying that there’s no feeling of revenge at Celta after losing the last two derbies, “We won the last three Primera derbies and later lost the last two at Segunda. There’s a rivalry, but there’s nothing more important than to add the three points.”

He also expects for an equal game at Balaídos, “When a derby arrives you don’t look at the streaks. It happened to us on last season, but perhaps we are the favourites as we’re playing at home. The true is that our position is more comfortable and if we win then we will be six points above relegation, but a lot of liga still ahead; nobody is sinking at matchday 09.”

Michael Krohn-Dehli is a newcomer, but the Danish winger is aware of the importance of this match, “Depor was an important club as Celta was some years ago. I’ve heard a lot about the derby and know that’s an important game, we also have a derby in Copenhagen and know what a derby means for the club, the players and the fans; this is a more important game than facing Barca or Madrid, because it’s a game you have to win.”

Midfielder Alex López was also sharing this opinion as he stated that Celta must remain focus, “This is the derby, you can say that’s the most important game of the year, because we’re playing against our biggest rival and it’s important to achieve the victory. We must be isolated and only thinking that this is just one more game; we need to keep our playing style. This should be the main one of our strengths.”

Finally, attacker Mario Bermejo  was emphasizing the importance of the meeting, “We know that everybody is hopeful with this game, facing a rival that’s fighting for the same goals than  us, so it’s more important to defeat Deportivo than to defeat Real Madrid.”



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