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06 Nov 2012
The papers weren’t impressed at all by Deportivo’s performance, but the media is convinced that the important thing was to win the game after missing the victory within the past two months. The papers were pleased with Bruno Gama’s performance.

La Voz de Galicia: To add points and fresh air. Just to take a look at today's standings to calibrate the consequences that would result for Deportivo in case of not adding the three points in yesterday’s meeting; the value of which is soon to calculate, but you don’t need an expert to see the consequences of a defeat before Mallorca. For this reason, and for what awaits to the teams at the bottom places, is why before the match many people were talking of the danger of the meeting, and there was no other choice than winning. And Depor won.

As soon as the team claimed the 1-0 lead, Oltra’s players tried to shorten the initiative of Mallorca, which could end up costing the loss of two points, which is the difference between the draw and the victory; the result pulls Depor outside of the drop zone, place where there’s always the fear that you cannot leave. For today, we won’t stop in making analysis, because it’s enough with the victory. Vicente Leirachá

La Opinión A Coruña: Valerón proposes, Bruno executes. His appearance as a starter squad in Copa wasn’t a good sign for Bruno. Oltra included him in the second group of players despite having played every game as a starter and his irregular start of season seemed to relegate him to the bench for the league clash against Mallorca. The coach, however, repeated the lineup of Balaídos and the Portuguese would become decisive in a game that, until his goal, seemed played under Caparrós’ script.

Although less cautious than on Thursday, Mallorca moved their caution to a Deportivo that was more ordered than in previous matchdays. The distance between the lines was reduced, although Mallorca guessed some of the symptoms of weakness that have been seized by past rivals and in this sense they released  a couple of dangerous counterattacks.

The trap consisted of making a gray game, as it did happened within the first minutes. But it turns out that Valerón feels more comfortable without the high pace exposed by Deportivo in previous meetings. He finds the pause and also his partners. The goal of the Portuguese winger was an example of the association that he and the Canarian playmaker had facing Mallorca; Valerón, Bruno and Pizzi. The three were combining and it was important for Bruno.

He regained the imbalance that he had in the past year and participated in the counterattacks of yesterday’s game in favour of Deportivo. Something that defines him, as much as the game proposed by Valerón. Marcos Otero

El País: Deportivo survive Caparrós. Football also brings emergencies in November. Deportivo and Mallorca feel the pressure and exposed their anxieties at the Riazor in a match without concessions, played under a layer of water that converted the turf into a slippery stage. And to find the way out begins to be complicated. Mallorca stumbles with five straight losses and the immediate perspective of facing Barcelona, for Deportivo it was the victory and it means fresh news for a team that missed the win since the opening day.

There was a novelty: the team didn’t concede a goal, a milestone missed since the opening matchday in mid-August. The coach insists that the game is "cheerful and showy", but at the moment of facing certain situations the only thing that matters is the three points. And Mallorca didn’t allow you to play, with the seal of Joaquin Caparrós, capable of maximizing their limited resources, attentive to the retreat, with the defense playing close to their goal, always bringing aids, trusting in their strength in strategic actions, hard workers.

But football is more than just training. That's why it is played by footballers. Mallorca is missing talent, something that Deportivo occasionally shows when someone is awake. Valerón does it, and yesterday he signed another magnificent game, better in every play, he seems inexhaustible. Bruno Gama also appeared from time to time. Just when some stomachs accustomed to fast food were speculating with the convenience of leaving him on the bench. A footballer with resources, Gama needs to play in the game, to touch the ball and not to wait for it.

He grows up under these circumstances and that’s just what he did in the first half, playing towards the centre more focused in the partnership with Pizzi and Valerón, something different to the softness proposed by Mallorca. The goal, a zigzag and excellent shot portrayed Bruno Gama’s skills and led the game in the other direction. Caparrós’ team had problems to do something different. Deportivo pushed and gave everything when the winger attacked, they were close to define the game with the chipping attempt of Bruno Gama after a counterattack or in a direct free-kick of Pizzi that hit the crossbar. Mallorca sought clarity with Giovani, but by then Deportivo, for once, had gathered well to save the advantage, the three points, a treasure that takes them out of the relegation zone. Juan L. Cudeiro.

Marca: Bruno Gama drowns the sorrows. A goal by Bruno Gama reconciled Deportivo La Coruña with the victory when they needed the most before a Mallorca that cannot leave the worrying slump. The Galicians returned to winning ways after they did it in the opening matchday against Osasuna.

Two and a half months later, the Galicians clinched the three points that are useful in order to leave the drop zone. Mallorca, meanwhile, approach to the bottom zone after suffering the fifth straight defeat, which could turn into six in a row next Sunday against Barcelona at the Iberostar.

Los Bermellones were better than the locals in the first half, but reached the pause losing because of an isolated and genius goal of Bruno Gama, just when Depor was playing worse. Pereira caressed the goal twice with two good shots from outside the area that gave a lot of problems to Aranzubia. Fran Villalobos.

Diario de Mallorca: Fifth straight defeat. Caparrós’ men are unable to break the losing streak in la liga during the visit to the Riazor and are now dragging five straight losses. Depor, however, relieve the situation with the second win of the season. A personal action of Portuguese Bruno Gama, at the half-hour mark, unbalanced the second meeting in three days between the Galicians and the Majorcans.

Deportivo and Mallorca lengthened the nap on the lawn, especially the Galicians, sleepy as I had not seen them in a while, imprecise in the game, slow movements and no signs of activity in attack for the peace of Aouate, who didn’t have to intervene until minute 28.
It was the time when Mallorca, with little brilliance but with clear concepts, with the idea of Joaquin Caparrós internalized, gave a greater sense of danger than Oltra’s men, with Arizmendi plugged into the game at the field that was his home for one and a half season, but unable to see Hemed and Victor Casadesús exploiting his attacks by the right wing. Carlos Alberto Fernández



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