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06 Nov 2012
Caparrós was saying that his team deserved a better luck in this game, just the contrary to what Oltra and his players were saying. Bruno Gama admitted that he was anxious to score as he didn’t have a good start on the season.

Coach José Luis Oltra was listing the priorities for this game, “The most important thing was to win, then to win clinching a clean sheet, and then to continue displaying our style. I’m satisfied and pretty content. We said before that we needed to win this game, yes or yes, this due to our current situation. The clean sheet is important for us.”

“I believe that the final result is fair; the goal was great; a collective play with a good ending by Bruno Gama. They had some opportunities, but in the second part we could have scored more, like the chipping attempt of Bruno and the free-kick of Pizzi. Those were the best chances in this half. The team had a solid performance and the fans where there supporting us, pushing the team to take us out of the mud.” He added.

The Valencian trainer was emphasizing the importance of the meeting, “We were fine at times and went down at other punctual moments, but the important thing was to achieve the victory and to clinch the clean sheet. There are some things to change, but we’ll start doing it tomorrow. We broke the losing streak last week and today we returned to winning ways. So I hope this will allow this team to grow up, because I believe we have attitude and qualities to bring joy to the fans. “

“The changes were made in order to refresh the team; Oliveira entered for Riki, because we were thinking of taking advantage of his physical power, he was doing a great job. Bruno was replaced because he played 90 minutes in Copa, and when I was close to make the third modification, this in order to close the game searching for somebody more defensive and with more aerial power, then Nélson got injured, so I had to make a modification for another offensive player. He reentered into the pitch, because he wanted to continue, but the player noticed the injury and requested the change.” He added regarding the modifications made in the game

Finally, Oltra insisted that, in his opinion, the victory was a fair result, “I don’t think that the final result was unfair. We won, because we had aim and also because we sought for the victory. The team played in order to win. Now, let’s hope in having continuity and that this won’t be a thing of one day, because evidently it isn’t enough having ten points.”

Álex Bergantiños talked to reporters and commented that, “The games against the teams of Caparrós are always very complicated and closed, with only a few scoring opportunities. They run a lot and defend pretty well. But they didn’t have clear scoring chances, while if someone sought for the goal in the first part it was us, so it was a deserved result. The rain also caused to witness a less attractive game. Now this victory brings confidence for the coming matches.”

Riki was saying that Depor’s goal was key as it came at the precise moment, “The great goal of Bruno was the key, because it ended up opening even more the game, after that we created two or three more chances to open a gap in the scoresheet.”

The Madrilenian attacker was also feeling sorry for the injury of Oliveira, who had to leave the game after just 21 minutes on the pitch, “He’s an important casualty for us, especially in a collective sense. He has always brought stuff when he has been on the pitch. Now Bodipo and I are the references up front, but there are other players that can perform there.”

Bruno Gama was feeling great after scoring his first goal at Primera División, “I’m pretty happy for the goal, but especially for the victory of the team. I felt that I was needing to score. I felt fine at the start of la liga, but later felt that things weren’t working for me.”

“It was a complicate match; Mallorca is a great team and it put things difficult to us. The important thing is that we won, although we know that we didn’t practice a great football; in any case we did the necessary things to win. I celebrated the goal with fury, because thing weren’t fine to me. This is my first goal at Primera División.”

Meanwhile, president Augusto César Lendoiro was also saying that a victory in this match was crucial, “The important thing was to win, it didn’t matter the final score. It’s useless to lose 5-4; the 1-0 means three vital points that were much needed, though not only for us. Four of five matchdays ago Mallorca was on fire, but now we are only one point below them, and they still have to play against some of the rivals that we already faced [Barcelona]. Without doing too much we deserved the victory.”

At Mallorca, coach Joaquín Caparrós was convinced that his team deserved a better faith, “The defeat is screwing us. We are sad, but in football the justice is brought by the goals. Today, we are going out empty handed, and it’s too much.”

“If we look at the shots on target completed by both teams we would realize that Mallorca had several attempts, but it’s useless. We need to be stronger at defense. We had the ball possession and attempted to have alternatives , but weren’t fortunate enough and in this sense we must congratulate Deportivo, but so see Deportivo adding the three points is too much under my point of view. Now we need to change this negative streak and will try to do it against Barcelona, though it’s going to be complicated.” He finalized.



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