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07 Nov 2012
On Tuesday the club announced an agreement with midfielder Álex Bergantiños in order to extend his contract for three more seasons. The midfielder and the sporting director of the club, Ernesto Bello, addressed the media on Tuesday.

Without considering the players on loan, ten men are ending their contracts with Deportivo on June of 2013: Daniel Aranzubia, Manuel Pablo, Diego Seoane, Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’, Ze Castro, Álex Bergantiños, Jesús Vázquez, Saul Fernandez, Riki and Rodolfo Bodipo.

And the club already begun the quest trying to renew the most important players at Oltra’s team; on Monday Depor announced the first extension of contract: Álex Bergantiños; he’s signing a contract for three more years (until June of 2016) having a buyout option of €10 million.

Álex arrived to the club in 2002 and played for Juvenil A and Fabril (he was the captain of Depor B), it was hard for him to reach the first as he before he had to spend three years loaned at other clubs (Gimnástic Tarragona, Granada and Xérez CD).

The midfielder and Ernesto Bello addressed the media on Tuesday in order to announce the deal. Álex said that, “I’m pretty happy as this is an important step for me; this is my first renewal been at Depor. It’s pretty exciting to extend my contract for three more years. It was pretty difficult to reach the first team and now I hope to be able to stay here for a while.”

Álex Bergantiños and Ernesto Bello during the press conference

“We started talking with the club since the beginning of the season, I believe the club has valorized me and both sides are happy that the negotiations have been closed. Only a few clubs can offer you three years and it’s important. I am content on how the club is valorizing my work. I am feeling satisfied for the way the club has treated me.” He added.

The midfielder continued explaining that’s he’s happy for staying in A Coruña, “Your hope is to complete your career at your city, despite I had to go out loaned. I'm proud for being here for three more years. I understood my exits on loan and I believe we were right with that decision; it helped me a lot.”

He is also confident on the work the club is doing with the youth teams at Abegondo, “All the people passing through Abegondo is having the hope of been able to play for the first team, and luckily I’m here now. Each year we’ve more people from Fabril here; we have Juan Dominguez, Seoane and Laure. It’s complicated to have one player per year, but it’s easier having a place like Abegondo.”

Finally, asked if he wants to be the captain of Depor, he said that isn’t a priority for the moment, “A lot of people are before me, so it isn’t something worrying me. What I want is to continue at the club. I was the captain at Fabril for two years, but it isn’t something worrying me. Been like Fran? Those are major words. He was a spectacle.”

Then Ernesto Bello talked to reporters and explained the gratitude with the player, “Not all the years you will found new players; this is a reward for his sacrifice. He always made things easier and for this reason he’s the first player renewed. For us it’s a pride to offer a new contract to him. He never thought in leaving; we knew he was going to renew. “

Bello also responded other issues related to the club; first to all he confirmed that Deportivo is already negotiating with the major part of the other nine players ending contract in 2013, “Almost all the players that are ending contract have an offer over the desk. Now we are waiting for their response. Riki is one of them.”

There’s some concern after Nélson Oliveira got injured on Sunday, a journalist at the press room asked if the club will try to hire a new striker in the coming weeks, but the sporting director of Depor responded that, “If we didn’t find it before, now it’s more complicated.”

Finally Ernesto Bello confirmed the exit of Fabril’s striker Iago Beceiro, “Yes, Beceiro is leaving to Ukraine; we knew he was leaving since the pre-season; he didn’t count for the new coach [Devesa] as there was some differences between him and the player. The Ukrainians didn’t want a loan spell, so he’s going free with Depor having a two-year buyout option.”



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