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10 Nov 2012
Depor’s coach is confident that the deep of the squad will allow him to achieve a positive result at La Romareda, also that the financial problems won’t affect the players. Zaragoza’s trainer sees the game as a final.

Manuel Jiménez Jiménez is a former player and coach of both Sevilla Atletico and Sevilla CF that never succeeded at his homeland and that was forced to search for a better life outside of Andalusia. He was the coach that promoted Sevilla B to Segunda División and later assumed the job at the first team after the exit of Juande Ramos during the season 2007/08.

The true is that he never ended below the fifth position at the standings, but the ghost of the destitution always surrounded his career as the public was demanding much more from his Sevilla. On March of 2010 he was fired after 28 matchdays and with the team lying at the fifth position. Seven months later he was hired by Greek club AEK Athens and lived a similar situation, ending third on the season 2010/11, but without the support from the fans. He was fired after just four games on the following campaign.

He returned to Spain for the past season in order to take command of a desperate Real Zaragoza, club that was close to go to Segunda, his team was 15 points below the safety, but somehow the Aragonians reacted under his command and clinched the salvation at the last matchday-historically it’s the best recovery in the history of la liga- He renewed his contract and is now trying to move Los Maños to safer waters.

This is the third meeting between Jimenez and José Luis Oltra playing for a league competition; the first opportunity was on the season 2007/08 as CD Tenerife drew with Sevilla Atletico (1-1) playing at Segunda División, the confrontation was repeated two years later, though this time Jimenez was coaching the first team of Sevilla and the game ended with a 2-1 score in favour of Zaragoza’s current coach.

Depor’s coach offered his press conference on Thursday’s morning; he talked with reporters for fifteen minutes. He begun talking of the meeting, “I believe that, once again, this is an important game and we must face it like that, going there in order to win, trying to add the three points. We’re aware that we are facing a team that’s progressing; they already completed a miraculous season on last year, with a coach that brings character to their team and this year they’ve improved.”

“They are coming after a big defeat, but the score doesn’t correspond to what was witnessed on the pitch. As I said before this team is progressing, growing up, and they have a team that’s almost defined. It’s a difficult meeting, but we’ll try to win it, always giving our best as this is the most important game on the season.” He added.

Then reporters started asking about the critical financial situation at the club; the Valencian man said that his squad remains calm, “I haven’t detected any sign of concern, because we don’t manage this information, I am not the correct person to inform about these issues. What I detect is that this group is in normal mode; we trained normally and are outside these problems; later I am the one responsible that this situation won’t affect us.”

“The club already informed me about the situation, the sporting director talked to me on this subject without entering into details, but our perspective hasn’t changed as you work pretty comfortable at this club. I know something, but not all the details, so what I can do? Just to follow the same path and to be focused in my business. We aren’t worried. I don’t think this situation is… I prefer to focus on Zaragoza.” He added.

Returning to the game, Oltra confirmed the casualties for the trip to Aragón, “All the casualties are important; Ayoze and Marchena won’t be available; they don’t have positive feelings and at this height of the week they haven’t trained with the team, therefore both are ruled out of the game. We also have the casualties of Abel [Aguilar], Salomão, Nélson [Oliveira] and Jesus [Vázquez].”

“All the casualties are important and I will have to change the 50% of the defense compared to the previous game, a match in which we didn’t allow goals, but it isn’t an excuse. I´ve plenty of confidence and believe that the replacements are going to do the same or even a better work. It’s the right moment to demonstrate that we are a good squad and that every man can contribute with things.” He added regarding the issue of the injuries.

He emphasized that Deportivo must keep the balance between been a powerful offense and reducing the number of goals allowed, “Truly the other day we looked more focused, but must also study the rival. In any case we’ll try to follow the same path; always trying to be a daring and offensive team, but with much balance at the defensive facet.”

A reporter asked if Diego Seoane is banned of playing at the first team after he didn’t perform any minute in the past two games against Mallorca, this taking in mind that the defender didn’t want to renew his contract; the answer was, “I always have three players warming up, when I ordered Seoane to go out and warm up I already knew that he wasn’t going in, but I need to prevent any possible injury. As example the other day Bodipo wasn’t going in, but did it due to injury reasons. “

“The president has never told me to put this player on the other one. Never. Neither I would accept it; I just try to decide what’s best. The decision of not putting Seoane is mine; he’s a great kid, but I explained to him what the best for his career was, so it’s less painful to make decisions as I told him before. It doesn’t mean that he won’t play, actually I thing that he can be the starting right-back or left-back at any team; it’s just that he doesn’t have yet the needed hierarchy.” Oltra finalized.

Zaragoza’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he commented that his team is growing up despite the recent 0-4 loss visiting Real Madrid, “I see that the team is fine, motivated, willful and with ambition. Definitely the team is growing up, but we want more.”

“We do want to have a strong team at home, so we need to make a new step forward winning this match. I’m pretty content for the way the team has been playing in recent games, something you can notice in the optimism and hopes on the fans. So, we need to look forward, because it’s part of our growing process.” He added.

The Andalusian coach talked of Deportivo and also described the game as a final, “We are battling for three points before a direct rival. Deportivo won’t give anything for free. Their attacking line is full of quality and players with the capacity to harm the rival; that’s why we need to face the game thinking that this is a final.”

He’s also aware that his team needs the victory as in the coming matchday Zaragoza must face FC Barcelona, “The calendar is what it is and all appoints that’s easier to defeat Deportivo than to beat Barcelona. First we must think of winning on Saturday and then we can think of extracting something positive from the Camp Nou.”

“We must obtain the three points, because this is a direct rival and surely they think the same. If we win then we’re making one more step and must transmit optimism to the fans. Deportivo is a recently promoted club, with quality players, and they should know that their options of clinching the salvation are passing through taking the points away from Real Zaragoza.”



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