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10 Nov 2012
Midfielder Álex Bergantiños was chosen by the RCDLC.com peña members as the best player of Deportivo during the month of October. The Galician was part of the three-man list in all the three matches disputed in the period.

Only three games were disputed in October (Rayo Vallecano CF, FC Barcelona and RC Celta), with Depor only claiming one point in those meetings, but there were some players that left a positive impression during the meetings. One of them is Alex Bergantiños, who ended up as the Player of October for the peña members of RCDLC.com.

Álex scored more than the double of the points of the rest and was the only player to receive points in each of the matches played during the month. Besides he was selected as the Man of the Match against Barca, game in which he scored one of the four goals in the 4-5 defeat.

Other winner in the month was Dani Aranzubia, who won the MOM award for the Rayo game with Laure in second place. The Madrilenian right-back is another winner of October as he’s the only player apart from Álex to have scored points in two matches (Rayo & Barca).

Possibly the biggest story is in the recent matchday against Celta was the legend of Juan Carlos Valerón, who won the MOM award for his display at Balaídos. This suggests there is life in the old dog still and his skills will be vital for the team in the calendar ahead.

Ratings on the month:

Vs. Rayo (06/10/12) 
1st Aranzubia - 5 points
2nd Laure - 3 points
3rd Alex - 1 point
NV: Evaldo, Riki  -1 pt
Collective Note: 1 (Poor)


Vs. Barca (20/10/12)  
1st Alex - 7 points
2nd Pizzi - 5 points
3rd Riki - 3 points
4th Laure - 1 point
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 


Vs Celta (27/10/12) 
1st Valeron - 7 points
2nd Juan Dominguez - 5 points
3rd Alex - 3 points
4th Ze Castro - 1 pt
NV: Buno Gama -1 pt
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Overall: Abel Aguilar remains to be the leader in the race for the RCDLC.com Player of the Season Award; the Colombian midfielder has been injured and now Pizzi is now only three points behind him. Riki, Valerón, Aranzubia, Álex Bergantiños and Marchena are following from a certain distance, but any MOM might put all of them in the fight for the gold.

Overall Table
1st Abel Aguilar 22pts
2nd Pizzi 19pts
3rd Riki 13pts
4th Valeron 12pts
5th Marchena 11pts
5th Alex 11pts
7th Aranzubia 10pts
8th Bruno Gama 8pts
9th Oliveira 6pts
10th Laure 5pts
11th Manuel Pablo 4pts
11th Aythami 4pts
11th Juan Dominguez 4pts





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