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13 Nov 2012
The five goals allowed against Real Zaragoza are putting the defense of Deportivo again on the spotlight; the poor numbers are breaking records. At the same time the number of goals in favour is among the best marks of the club.

Another game full of goals and again Deportivo is part of the picture; and itís that the Galicians have taken part of the two Primera meetings with more goals during this liga campaign, first a 4-5 loss hosting FC Barcelona and now a 3-5 loss visiting Real Zaragoza.

As a result of this, Depor is among the best scorers in the league, but itís also among the worst defenses. Oltraís team has scored 18 goals in eleven matches; itís the fourth best mark at Liga BBVA, only below FC Barcelona (36), Real Madrid (27) and Atletico Madrid (24). At the same time the Blanquiazul outfit has allowed 25 goals, itís the worst mark in the league tied with Rayo Vallecano.

Comparing the situation with past seasons it can be noticed that this is the fifth worst start at Primera Divisiůn in terms of more allowed goals. Only in four previous opportunities the Galician side had leaked more goals after eleven games: 1955/56 (30), 1944/45 (28), 1952/53 (27) and 1951/52 (27). Curiously, only on the season 1944/45 the team suffered the relegation to Segunda.

Meanwhile, this is the 11th best start for Deportivo in terms of goals in favour; the 18 goals scored after 11 meetings on the present campaign were only surpassed on the seasons: 1950/51 (34), 1955/56 (26), 2001/02 (23), 1954/55 (22), 2003/04 (21), 2000/01 (20) and 1949/50, 1951/52, 1994/95 & 1999/00 (19).

Another thing to have in mind is that Oltraís Deportivo have conceded five goals in three different matches: 1-5 at Real Madrid (matchday 06), 4-5 Vs. FC Barcelona (matchday 08) and 3-5 at Real Zaragoza (matchday 11). The last time this occurred was on the season 1966/67 and almost facing the same rivals: 0-5 at FC Barcelona (matchday 14), 1-5 at Valencia (matchday 16) and 1-5 at Real Zaragoza (matchday 24).

The difference is that 27 matchdays remain in the calendar and the question is how many times this situation will be repeated. In two previous opportunities Deportivo have allowed five or more goals during five matches of the same Primera season: 1952/53 & 1955/56.

Definitely, Deportivo is showing two different faces on this season and, in order to improve the results and the situation at the standings, it is necessary to find a better balance; in other words to maximize the virtues of the offense and minimize the errors of the defense.

It isnít a new situation for Oltra; on the season 2009/10 the Valencian man was coaching CD Tenerife and his team was the third worst defense after the first eleven matches (21). For the campaign 2010/11, Oltra coached UD Almeria during 18 games, and again showed the same pattern as his team scored 23 goals allowing 33 within the period. For this reason the Catarroja-born trainer has always been described as a coach that likes the offensive football, but that presents softs defensive lines.



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