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15 Nov 2012
The Federations of Peñas had a meeting on Tuesday in order to discuss the current financial crisis hitting Deportivo. The entity released a press statement on Wednesday. RCDLC.com as an official peña of the club offers a translation of the communicate.

Given the information appearing on these days in the media, both local and national, and that has generated some uncertainty among all the Deportivo’s fans, and of which Mr. Lendoiro gave the corresponding reply, but still there was an avalanche of calls received by the Federation of Peñas; therefore the board of directors convened a meeting on Tuesday 13, a reunion in which all the federated peñas were called to attend, the goal was to see them given their opinion regarding the above news, once heard all representations of the Peñas, the Federation wants to communicate that:

1. R.C. Deportivo de La Coruña represents more than just a football team, we are all proud of the feats that have been achieved, we knew how to extract the positive things from the few defeats, it alter our feelings, it makes us vibrate and to remain hopeful, so in this delicate moments is very important as an escape to so many concerns we suffer due to the current situation of the country.

2. Either the Federation of Peñas and the club believe that’s necessary to fulfill the tax obligations as any other citizen or entity, but Deportivo cannot be strangled to the abyss, sequestering all its incomes, because it must be remember that our dear Depor is a huge source of income and prestige to our city, so we demand equal treatment as the other clubs in Spain.

3. According to the unanimous manifestations from the Peñas we express our deep distress against the media source that day after day is damaging and staining the image of our beloved club; we ask the ultimate collaboration, to see all of us pulling in the same direction and to place personal battles into another field. And we demand that the board of directors of RC Deportivo will offer further explanations about the actions to be taken in the coming months.

4. To express our solidarity with all employees of the club; they’ll have to be patient in these months and offer the professionalism they have always shown up today, especially the squad and coaches, now you have to fight harder due to the suffering caused by this situation.

5. We call the whole Deportivismo for Sunday at 10AM just before the match DEPORTIVO-LEVANTE to make a human chain embracing the Riazor, as symbolism of ownership, commitment and compromise towards RC Deportivo La Coruña, showing once again to Spain and the world because we are the best fans.



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