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17 Nov 2012
Levante’s Gustavo Munúa gave an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the goalkeeper said that he will always be grateful with Depor for the opportunity to play in Spain, while he hammered Joaquín Caparrós.

Q: What are you learning at Levante? What’s this club giving to you that failed at Depor?
A: You learn everywhere. But in Levante things are different, its humility can be found everywhere: the fans, the club and inside the group we have. It's a very united team, the best I've had since I've been in Spain certainly by the union that you find, for the day by day. Hopefully we can keep it. We know that in a family anything can happen, but I hope that we can keep that hope inside of Levante, which is very nice, and we can continue as stable as we are so far.

Q: Levante is the best thing that has happened to you, or do you remember Depor with love?
A: I think you're living by phases. I will always be grateful with Deportivo, because it opened the door to me in order to arrive to Europe, at the time it was a big club; it was among the ten best in the world. I will always repeat it: no passport, a foreign goalkeeper, very difficult to get a big club. And Deportivo opened the door to me. I did learn a lot. It’s a reality that I have suffered; many things have happened to me and I think it's always good to remember it and it shouldn’t happen again. For different motives I never gain a spot at Deportivo. But luckily I was able to stay in this league and will try to prove that I could play here.

Q: Did you ever doubt of yourself?
A: Never. Never. At Deportivo I felt impotence, a lot of impotence as there was no way to prove anything. I felt helplessness and it led me to many issues not even worth commenting on, because these were very difficult moments to overcome at that time.

Q: Still, no regrets having signed for Depor...
A: On the contrary, I am grateful, I feel grateful. The club has nothing to do. They trusted me and bet for me when they were living one of its most important moments.

Q: So, you will always have the thorn that you weren’t able to play there, right?
A: Since I left I've almost always played. With the only coach that I didn’t have the choice to earn the job, and he didn’t even allow me to fight for it, was Caparrós. With Irureta I could earn the seat, with Lotina three months after his arrival I could have earned the spot, then unfortunately there was an incident that everyone knows and I had to pay for it. But with all the coaches that I had in Spain, with the exception of Joaquin Caparrós, I've earned the place with everyone else. In A Coruña when I thought I was ready to throw up, unfortunately they tried to... It was really a very difficult time for me.



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