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29 Nov 2012
Both coaches said that the Copa Del Rey is an important competition for both clubs, but both are ready to send their substitutes for the occasion. In the case of Oltra he explained that Fabril’s players are there to fill the gaps left by the injuries.

Joaquín Caparrós is just one of the four men that have been sited at Depor’s bench within the past fifteen years. He has a large experience coaching important clubs at Primera División such as Sevilla CF and Athletic Bilbao. He never managed to clinch titles, but many people have praised his confidence in young players.

After fighting to survive with Sevilla and Depor, his best years came with Athletic Bilbao; he put the team back in the map and after been struggling to avoid the relegation; there he played a final in Copa (defeat against Barca) and then qualified the team for the UEFA Europa League. Unfortunately he couldn’t continue at the job as the president of Athletic lost the elections and he decided to leave to Switzerland in order to coach Neuchâtel Xamax FC.

It was a bad move as he only lasted five games there, that was only the second opportunity in which he has been sacked from the job before ending a regular season –the previous opportunity was on the season 1999/00 with Villarreal- He landed at RCD Mallorca on the past season after the premature exit of Michael Laudrup and put the team in an acceptable eighth position at the end of the competition.

This is the sixth meeting between Caparrós and José Luis Oltra; each man has clinched two victories in this particular series, one of the victories of Caparrós was a 1-3 win of Athletic Bilbao visiting UD Almeria on the season 2010/11; after that game Oltra was sacked and just returned to train at Primera after clinching the promotion with Deportivo.

Both men have had positive moments playing the Copa Del Rey; as it was wrote before Caparrós played a final in this tournament losing it before FC Barcelona (1-4), while Oltra already reached the semifinals in this competition, it was on the season 2010/11 with UD Almeria –the only time this club has played a semifinal in Copa- at the time he eliminated Deportivo in the quarterfinals and later was trashed by Barca in the semifinals (aggregate score 0-8).

Depor’s coach offered his press conference on Wednesday’s morning; it just lasted fifteen minutes; he begun defending the idea that this is an important game for his team though he admitted that the priority is la liga, “I already told that any game in which you are representing a club is important. I will love to pass the round, but the priority is clear to me.”

“If you make me chose between passing the round and defeating Betis then there’s no doubt about it. The priority is la liga, but from there, tomorrow, I will send the best possible team in order to pass the round. In order to pass the round we need to score goals, and for that we need arrivals and play well facing a rival that we know well and that’s complicated, but the intention is to go there, score and qualify.” He added regarding the issue.

About Mallorca, the Valencian coach said that they are living a similar situation than Depor, “It’s a team with tradition in this competition, just like Deportivo; they also represent an entity and will surely go out for everything. Surely Joaquín [Caparrós] is thinking like me. They also have an important clash on the weekend. They have an advantage in the series as they clinched a good result in the first-leg and also for been playing at home, but our intention is to compete there.”

Later he defended the decisions he made at the moment of building up the list of picked players, “I believe that the men on the list are the best for this game. I am making a lot of changes, with many normal starters out and with some less habitual players probably performing, but this is the present, in three weeks, if we play in the next round, then everything could change. These kinds of games are useful to make some tests, to gain pace and prove yourself. I thought this was the right decision for tomorrow’s game.”

“I don’t want to think of what could happen in case of having more injuries, but I keep thinking that I still have a B squad in order to pull players from it. For the position of centre-back we do have Insua, Uxío… Marcos Caridad… Álex can perform there too as he played there when he was at the youth teams. Abel [Aguilar] can also perform there.” He added.

Then the Catarroja-born trainer explained the status of Roderick, “Well, Roderick is dragging a problem and is out for injury reasons. He didn’t train today and was automatically ruled out of the meeting. We don't know if he will be available for Sunday or how many players will I have for that position. He isn’t out for precaution reasons, but because he can’t play tomorrow.”

About Salomão, who joined the group on Wednesday, he stated that, “The injured players are the ones that work harder, because they need to pass tests. They need to work hard, though the physical work isn’t the same when you join the group. He could have the medical okay, but still need to gain pace and that spark. For me it’s too soon to pick him for tomorrow, and will study the case for Sunday. The true is that he’s ready to return.”

About the absence of Juan Carlos, Depor’s tactician responded saying that he has a large squad and that the presence of B team members is only reduced to cover the casualties, “Nobody at the club has told me that he can’t play, but he hasn’t training with us for a while and, as his position is well covered, I understand that… actually Pablo Ínsua is joining the team, because we have high expectations on him, but I must admit that, if we would have the four centre-backs available, then surely Pablo Insua wouldn't be here, always knowing that he could be the future centre-back of the team. I won’t fool anybody; I just pick the players that I think are the best for the games .”

Finally, Oltra commented the fact that his team was training the penalties on the last training session, “It is part of the routine. We always train it, but today’s was more obvious because there’s the possibility to define the game through the penalties, something we don’t want, neither Joaquin nor Mallorca’s players nor the presidents, but the possibility exists as football is big; it’s even probable. If we reach the penalty shout-out without training, then you will be complaining that we didn’t train it.”

Mallorca’s coach offered his press conference on Wednesday’s morning; he started assuring that the Copa is an important competition for his team, “It’s a competition that can change the current dynamic, the Copa could be the turning point in a mood sense. It’s a competition where we have a lot of hopes. It would be good to get a positive result, so we need to leave a positive impression.”

Later he was feeling relieved as the injured players are coming back, “The most positive thing for us is that everybody is training with the exception of Nunes, who was out for precaution reasons due to the state of the pitch. It has been a while since the last time the whole group was training and it’s a good signal. This only lifts the level at the team and there’s more intensity in the players.”  Caparrós also confirmed that  Nunes, Javi Márquez & Álvaro will be part of the picked team for the clash.

Then he explained what he wants from his team during the game against Deportivo, “We must go out in order to pass the series, but not basing our strategy in the result of the first-leg. We must complete a solid game and clinch a positive result that will lead us to the next round. There are players that performed on Sunday that will repeat their presence in this game, and some of the injured men already have the medical okay, so they will be on too, though we’ll wait for tomorrow. They’ve been working with the team for some weeks.”

In a previous interview offered to Perarnau Magazine, the ex-Depor coach was blaming the injuries for the current crisis at Mallorca, “On this season we were adapting to the new signings, everything was fine despite is always complicated. We made a great work on the pre-season, which was worth in the first matchdays. But later the injuries have affected the squad and it’s forcing us to remake this job.”

He also commented on the current state of the team in la liga, “The pessimism has invaded us all on these weeks, but no long ago we were thinking that Europe was a real possibility… We’re living a moment when the most important thing is to break the negative streak, to regain the injured players and find the cohesion at the team. After that it will be the right moment to rethink the goals.”

Finally, Caparrós reassured that his intention is to pass the round in Copa Del Rey, “It isn’t an obstacle or something like that. It’s a pretty competition, personally I love this tournament. In the returning leg against Deportivo we’ll fight in order to secure the pass to the next round, there’s no doubt about it.”



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