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07 Dec 2012
Hard month for Deportivo; the team was eliminated from Copa Del Rey and only added one point in liga. The ratings and the stats were poor; still, winger Bruno Gama was chosen as the best player in the period.

November was a busy month for Deportivo with six games disputed in total, four in La Liga and two in the Copa Del Rey. Thanks to his two Man-of-the-Match awards (MOM) in consecutive games against RCD Mallorca (Liga) and Real Zaragoza, Bruno Gama is the rcdlc.com’s Player of November.

The Portuguese winger was the only player to pick up a double MOM award in November, the other four going to Tiago Pinto (Mallorca – 1st leg Copa), Abel Aguilar (Levante), German Lux (Athletic Bilbao) and Pablo Insua (Mallorca – 2nd leg Copa). Bruno also picked up a point in the first Copa clash with Mallorca on November 1st.

Insua, meanwhile, became into the first Fabril’s player that earns a MOM during his debuting game as a starter with the first team. Abel Aguilar claimed the second place in November as he added eight points in the period. But the negative results are the big novelty in the voting process, because there some negative trends and records that are noticed.

First to all the fact that the 50% of the MOM awards were for substitutes (Lux, Tiago Pinto & Insua), then the fact that six different players were deducted a point in the month after receiving negative votes, only four of them in the home clash against Levante UD (Aranzubia, Aythami, Juan Dominguez & Riki), this last stat is a new record since the rcdlc.com Player of the Season Award was created back on the season 2004/05.

Then to notice that, for the first time, there were three straight liga games in which the collective note was one, the lowest allowed in the voting process. All of this just demonstrates that the Peña members are not pleased at all with what they are watching and that has been traduced into poor results.

Ratings on the month: 

Vs. Mallorca - Copa (01/11/12) 
1st Thiago Pinto - 7 points
2nd Camunas - 5 points
3rd Roderick - 3 points
4th M Pablo & Gama - 1 point
NV: Oliveira  -1 pt
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 


Vs Mallorca (04/11/12) 
1st Bruno Gama - 7 points
2nd Valeron - 5 points
3rd Marchena - 3 points
4th Alex - 1 point
PV: Pizzi +1 pt
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 


Vs Zaragoza (10/11/12) 
1st Bruno Gama - 5 points
2nd Alex - 3 points
3rd Bodipo - 1 point
NV: Juan Dominguez -1 pt
Collective Note: 1 (Poor) 


Vs Levante (18/11/12) 
1st Aguilar - 5 points
2nd Ayoze - 3 points
3rd Alex - 1 point
NV: Riki, Camuñas, Aythami, Aranzubia -1 pt
Collective Note: 1 (Poor) 


Vs. Athletic Bilbao (25/11/12) 
1st Lux - 5 points
2nd Aguilar - 3 points
3rd Laure - 1 point
Collective Note: 1 (Poor) 


Vs Mallorca - Copa (28/11/12) 
1st Insua - 7 points
2nd Pizzi - 5 points
3rd Bodipo - 3 points
4th Santos - 1 point 
NV: Juan Dominguez  -1 pt
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Overall table: Abel Aguilar remains as the leader in the race of for the rcdlc.com Player of The Season Award, this time having a five-point gap over Pizzi. Bruno Gama is now third on the list thanks to his performance in November. Valerón is fourth on the ranking.

Overall Table
1st Abel Aguilar 30pts
2nd Pizzi 25pts
3rd Bruno Gama 21pts
4th Valeron 19pts
5th Alex 16pts
6th Marchena 14pts
7th Riki 12pts
8th Aranzubia 9pts
9th Thiago Pinto 7 pts
9th Insua 7pts
11th Laure 6pts
12th Oliveira 5pts
12th Laure 5pts
12th Lux 5pts
15th Camunas 4pts
15th Manuel Pablo 4pts
15th Bodipo 4pts
18th Aythami 3pts
18th Bodipo 3pts
18th Roderick 3pts
18th Ayoze 3pts
22nd Juan Dominguez 2pts
23rd Andre Santos 1pt




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