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19 Jul 2006
The club is close to making its ninth signing of the new season, but the most important reinforcement is actually a current player: Juan Carlos Valer�n. The Canarian playmaker has surprised everybody with his speedy recovery. The secret is the great effort he made during the vacation period.

Valer�n injured himself on January 22 during the La Liga confrontation between Deportivo and Mallorca. Six months later he is training normally, and according to doctors, he is ready to follow the same routine as the rest of the players. Between May 17 and July 14 the squad rested, but Valer�n went to at least 50 physical sessions. As a result, Depor has recovered one of its main assets.

The same player has admitted he is satisfied with the results: "I'm very happy because I am ready to play.  The truth is that the three training sessions each day aren't enough for me. That's because after six long months, being here with the other players is a great joy for me."

Valer�n also believes that the team must work together to reach its goals. "The important thing is to be a team.  That idea must prevail over any individual thought. Everyone must assume their responsibility. On the pitch we must make the best effort and this way we will try to improve to have a working team."

Another positive fact is that the talented midfielder is now an inspiration for the youngsters in the first squad, as Juan Dom�nguez said. "Valer�n comes to my attention because he is a player with great skills and his vision on the pitch is impressive." Dom�nguez is one of Fabril's players who will work with the first squad during the pre-season and who plays in the same position as Valer�n.

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