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28 Dec 2012
José Luis Oltra will have a last chance to redeem himself and found the way back in la liga; in case of not defeating Malaga CF then the Valencian trainer will be fired; at least it is what the media in A Coruña understands.

Silence at Plaza de Pontevedra after a week full of questions, rumours and uncertainties; Deportivo is the current last place at Primera División and coach José Luis Oltra has lost big part of his charm. A large number of fans already lost the patience and are convinced that he should leave his spot at Depor’s bench

After the latest defeat against RCD Espanyol, which left Depor at the bottom of the standings and suffering its worst start of season at Primera División, it was understood that this week was going to decide the future of the ex-Almeria trainer. President Augusto César Lendoiro and his advisors discussed the convenience of firing the coach, even the name of Domingos Paciencia came out as a possible replacement.

In the end no movements were made from Deportivo’s headquarters and now it is understand that Oltra won’t be fired, at least not before January 5. Because the point is that Lendoiro’s advisors have lost their faith in Oltra and therefore he’s on a tightrope, meaning that in case of not defeating Malaga CF in the first game of 2013 then he will leave A Coruña.

It isn’t clear if Oltra has received an ultimatum directly from Lendoiro; all that’s know is what journalist Gonzalo Soto from Radio Galega revealed on Wednesday; he said that the president talked to the coach after the defeat against RCD Espanyol; Depor’s boss wished him a merry Christmas, but also told that he was under a big pressure from the board of directors in order to fire him.



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